This Winter’s Must Have Hairstyle


It is that time of year again. Frost growing on the grown, noses more sniffly, skin feeling paler. As we transition from Summer to Winter, it is often a perfect opportunity to try about a brand new hairstyle. One style that has been capturing the attention of the fashion world in particular, is the Cropped Blunt Cut Fringe. We spoke to one our Marylebone babers, Matthew Hughes about the style and what you can expect from it.

“For this winter’s trend keeps the sides real nice and clean and blunt cut the fringe in.

“There’s varying degrees of this cut and for a more casual cut keep the hair a touch longer than skin. Opt for 3mm at the lowest and graduate out towards the corners. Texture is a must have over winter, making sure your hair doesn’t look flat. This is an easy to maintain style and suitable for the majority of face shapes, speak to your barber if your unsure. Make sure you use a Matt clay product to keep the style paired up with some sea salt. ”

One caveat is that this style can take a lot of regular maintenance to ensure that it is look sharp. Keeping the sides nice and tight will keep this bang on trend and really accentuate the look.

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