Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer


As temperatures are finally warming up a little, people are beginning to think about looking after their skin in the summer months and holidays ahead, but don’t forget to take care of your hair this summer.

Keep it well oiled

Higher temperatures and increased UVA/UVB during hotter weather causes hair and skin to dehydrate. If your usual routine is to wash your hair with whatever is in the bathroom or the shower gel the gym provide you might want to think about investing in something that is more suitable to both your hair type and the season. The stuff in gyms tends to be very basic body wash and very high in detergents. Maybe invest in some Ruffians Moisturising shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1. Topping up levels of moisture isn’t all about drinking more water although that is hugely important, but adding moisture to both hair and beard with a good shampoo and conditioner will cut down on frizziness and head damage fluffiness.

take care of your hair this summer // Ruffians Notebook

Holiday haircut

If you wear your hair short year round and are heading off on a beach holiday then I always advise on a haircut before you hit the sand. The first reason for this is that your hair will sit better as it more tailored and you’ll look great out and about in the evening. However, the second reason is probably more important from an aesthetic angle. If you leave it until you come home from your sojourn in the sun and have hair cut back short again you will have tan lines on your neck and forehead.

take care of your hair this summer // Ruffians Notebook

Thinning hair

If you are thinning on top then always remember to use suncream on the areas where hair is running low. We often see men who have applied cream to every exposed part of their body except the scalp. With body heat rising to the top of the head and being one of the most heat sensitive parts of the body it can burn badly and be very painful and when it peels can be very unsightly. So slather up and remember aftersun as well. Wearing a hat in the sun will help protect the scalp from sun but not block it out all together so even if you planning to wear a great range of headgear apply sunscreen under the bonnets boys

Lighten Up

Hair naturally lightens in summer months, people often mistakenly think that this is due to sunshine, in fact it is due to the fact that in hotter weather there are higher percentages of oxygen, hair colourists use hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair and the higher the levels the lighter the hair goes. As hair goes lighter the warm undertones that are in all hair colours become exposed and darker hair looks red, mid colours go ginger and lighter tones show up a brassy yellow tone, so hair specific UVA/UVB protection sprays help to reduce this. There are colour enhancing shampoos available to neutralise red/brassy tones but it better to avoid rather correct.

take care of your hair this summer // Ruffians Notebook

Doctor Who?

This is all about regeneration and with a new doctor announcement imminent I thought we’d talk about getting rid of dead hair and skin cells. And regenerating into a glowing new you. Warm weather and sunshine cause the cells on our body to regenerate quicker than cooler months. So to keep hair and skin shiny and healthy it pay to exfoliate more frequently, slough off the dead skin cells with Ruffians daily facial scrub and apply moisturiser to keep the skin supple and smooth on the face, go easy around the eyes as the skin tissue here is thinnest and susceptible to damage if you scrub, damage can cause thread veins which once there can only be gotten rid off with laser treatments. The hair on your head and body is actually dead once it appears not the outside. And like all dead things it begins to decay. To keep it looking healthy and not going all Death Becomes Her, exfoliate the hair and scalp once a week, using a dandruff shampoo on occasion will work wonders for hair and scalp vitality, a healthy scalp promotes stronger hair growth and if you remove the build up of product from hair it will move better and feel fresher.

take care of your hair this summer // Ruffians Notebook


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