ruffians marine salt spray

RUFFIANS MARINE SALT SPRAY- A sea-salt spray to protect and strengthen hair

You may have heard that we recently relaunched our entire range of styling and grooming products. There’s brand new members of the family, such as our Hair Cream and Hair Powder as well as revised versions of our ever popular Matt Clay and Styling Paste. One of our favourite new products is the brand new Ruffians Marine Salt Spray and we truly believe that this is the sea-salt spray everyone has been waiting for! 

Our Marine Salt Spray provides a firm, flexible hold with a matt finish. Organic seaweed extracts help protect hair against sun damage and toxins. The seaweed extracts also contain minerals, vitamins and amino acids, promoting healthy hair. 

We’ve put together a guide to getting the very most out of the brand new Ruffians Marine Salt Spray.

What makes Ruffians Marine Salt Spray so good?

Ruffians Marine Salt Spray is exactly that: a spray formula with marine salt and additional organic seaweed minerals. 

This product will add texture and body without leaving your hair feeling sticky, greasy, shiny or hard. Not only that, but the seaweed extracts included contain minerals, vitamins and amino acids that will help protect the hair from sun damage and toxins- promoting healthy hair!

Due to its versatility, Ruffians Marine Salt Spray works perfectly with various hair types to both prep (with or without a hair dryer) and style. It’s the product to reach for when you want your hair to look perfectly undone.

FOR FINE HAIR our Marine Salt Spray will add grip and texture to fine and flyaway hair. It’s a great treatment to boost fine and limp hair before using your usual styling product. It works perfectly before our Styling Paste or Matt Clay.

FOR THICK HAIR our Marine Salt Spray is also great for thick hair. It will add texture, body and volume without weighing the hair down. It’s a really great option for guys who want to style their hair but don’t want it to look like it has any product in it.

How should I use it?


This technique is great for relaxed and loose styles. Be aware, it will not hold hair up into high styles like a quiff or pompadour.

STEP 1 Wash your hair with Ruffians Original Shampoo and then towel dry. 

STEP 2 Spray 4-5 pumps of Ruffians Marine Spray into your hair, using your hands, work it through root to tip.

STEP 3 Style your hair with your hands or for a sleeker look use a comb/ brush, leaving your hair to dry naturally.


A hair dryer will speed up the process and allow you to work more volume into your hair.

STEP 1 Wash your hair with Ruffians Original Shampoo and then towel dry.

STEP 2 Spray 4-5 pumps of Ruffians Marine Spray into your hair, using your hands, work it through root to tip.

STEP 3 Set your hair dryer to a medium heat and fast speed. Starting at the crown, work your hands through your hair, directing it in the direction you want to set it in. Stop using your hair dryer as soon as your hair is dry.

Finish by using your favourite Ruffians styling product (Ruffians Styling Paste or Ruffians Matt Clay) to add structure and definition .

Barber Tips


  • If you want height and lift at the fringe, direct the heat at the roots, lifting the hair with your fingers. Once the hair is in the desired shape, freeze in place using the cool button on the hair dryer.


  • If you’re looking to add even more texture and volume to your look- also use our Hair Powder once the hair is completely dry, then apply our Matt Clay or Styling Paste.

Ruffians Marine Salt Spray is available to purchase from all five of our shops, or can be bought from our online store. Want to let the experts sort your hair and give you the lowdown on the best products for styling it? Book an appointment now.

A new generation of hair clay

It’s a good time of year to invest in a hair clay. There’s something about winter that makes one look to earthy things of substance, to natural protectors against the harsh elements – and the rough texture of a clay in your hands feels satisfyingly enduring.

In the old days if you bought a matt clay, it tended to be pretty rigid stuff – hard to get out of the tub, clumpy, and prone to flaking over all your clothes after a few hours. Not so any more. Our new Matt Clay is at the forefront of formulations out there that have a built-in flexibility, yet without losing any of the strength and structure you would expect from a clay.

How does it work?

The kaolin clay binds to the hair by absorbing the sebum, clinging to the hair shaft, that’s emitted from the scalp. This reduces shine and absorbs light, giving the impression of fullness, body and thickness, and ensures your hold. Meanwhile, the active ingredients work to benefit the hair – natural candelilla and olive waxes nourish, thicken and condition, and organic seaweed extracts protect against daily pollutants and UV damage.

How to use it

We spoke to Robyn from our Edinburgh store about how to get the best out of the Ruffians Matt Clay.

“The Ruffians Matt Clay is a really versatile clay, with enough flexibility in it to re-shape and style throughout the day,” explains Robyn. “It can create a bold structured pomp or a textured choppy crop, on both short or medium length hair. But for best results, use in dry hair.”

STEP 1 Towel-dry hair after washing and use a hairdryer to blast over the entirety of the hair until it is 80% dry.

STEP 2 Set a hairdryer to medium heat and start working in circular motions at the crown. This will allow the crown to sit naturally without any parts sticking up. Once the crown is dry, work on the sides and back, directing the nozzle in the direction of the hair growth – from the crown to your neck at the back and from the crown to the ears/face on the sides. Continue to dry the top in the direction of hair growth, breaking the hair with hands to allow the airflow.

STEP 3 Once completely dry, take a pea sized amount of Ruffians Matt Clay and rub together in the palm of your hands. Work the product through the entirety of your hair – making sure you get an even distribution from front to back. Remember that less is more, start with a small amount of clay and add more if needed.

For maximum texture and a messier look, let the product do the styling for you. If you wanted the style a little sleeker, use a brush or comb. 


If you’re looking to add more texture to your look, Robyn suggests using the Ruffians Marine Spray in towel-dried hair before blow drying, and then apply the Ruffians Matt Clay as above.

Ruffians Matt Clay is available to purchase from all five of our shops, or can be bought from our online store.

Barber: Robyn Mulgrew (@robynxruffians)

ruffians styling paste

Ruffians Styling paste – the all time great hair product – now even greater!

You may have heard that we recently relaunched our entire range of styling and grooming products. There’s brand new members of the family, such as our Marine Spray and Hair Powder, but we also took the opportunity to look afresh at our old products and make some key enhancements. Our Styling Paste has always been one of our most versatile and popular hair products and now it’s even better!

We knew our barbers and clients already loved this product for its qualities and functions, we just wanted to replace some of the old ingredients to provide a product that was better for both your hair and the environment. Here, Ruffians Soho-Liberty‘s star barber Matthew Heckel provides a guide to getting the very most out of the new and improved Ruffians Styling Paste.

What makes Ruffians Styling Paste so good?

Made from candelilla plant wax, lanolin and antioxidant rich herbal hops, our styling paste’s concentrated conditioning agents and natural waxes create texture, moisturise and condition the hair and provide a natural shine.Easy to distribute throughout the hair, this product helps you to mould and shape your hair into your desired style. Suitable for both short and long hair lengths, the Ruffians Styling Paste should be your go-to for looking suave, wherever you may be!

How should I use it?

Ruffians Styling Paste works wonders for textured and effortless looks – think David Beckham’s textured quiff or a beachy surfer look. With our styling paste, the lightweight and malleable nature of it means that you can apply it to your hair and style one way and then change it up throughout the day.

STEP 1 Depending on what look you’re going for – our paste can be applied to wet or dry hair. Apply to dry hair for a messy, textured but styled look and apply to wet hair for a more slicked back style.

STEP 2 Towel dry hair to get rid of most of the moisture and use a hairdryer to blast over the entirety of the hair. Once the hair is 80% dry, use a brush and nozzle on the hairdryer to blow dry the hair backwards, ensuring that the cuticles lay flat.

STEP 3 Take a pea sized amount and rub together in the palm of your hands. Work the product through the entirety of your hair – making sure you get an even distribution from front to back.

STEP 4 For maximum texture and a messier look, let the product do the styling for you, just use your fingers to get your desired part and to decide where you want the hair to sit.

Barber tips



  • For a sleeker, more controlled look – use a little Ruffians Hair Cream in towel dried hair before blow drying, using a brush or comb to smooth and shape the hair. Then apply the Ruffians Styling Paste, again using a brush or comb to shape the final look.

Ruffians Styling Paste is available to purchase from all five of our shops, or can be bought from our online store. Want to let the experts sort your hair and give you the lowdown on the best products for styling it? Book an appointment now.

Good things come to those who wait! Introducing our relaunched range of styling and grooming products

The wait is finally over for the launch of our new and improved family of Ruffians styling and grooming products – we are so excited to be delivering a completely new fresh take on our existing popular product line. Bringing back old favourites (with some key enhancements) and introducing some fantastic new members to the family, including Ruffians Marine Spray and Ruffians Hair Powder.

Why the changes?

We knew our original products were good, but we weren’t satisfied with just good – at Ruffians we strive for excellence! Our carefully chosen team of esteemed Ruffians’ barbers have hand picked the finest ingredients, qualities and functions to create a product range that delivers on every front. We’ve carefully replaced any nasties from our older products with natural ingredients (vegan and organic wherever possible) which will benefit both the hair and scalp.

We want our customers to take home the confidence we give in our shops.

A brand new look!

Our new design balances a simple and stylish aesthetic with absolute practicality. A soft, grey card outer with debossed logo, and barber pole sticker in the Ruffians distinctive yellow and blue, opens to reveal a glossy, waterproof inner container, ideal for longevity in the bathroom. 

Best of all – all our packaging is now recyclable!

So, what’s coming?

Hair Styling products

Ruffians Styling Paste–  The all time great – now even greater! The ever popular Ruffians Styling Paste provides familiar flexibility, texture and natural shine.Ingredients such as lanolin, will lock moisture in for a natural, healthy-looking style and antioxidant rich herbal hops act to condition the hair, adding natural shine and promote healthy hair.

Ruffians Marine Spray – A sea-salt spray that protects and strengthens hair. Ruffians Marine Spray not only provides amazing styling results, but is also designed to promote healthy hair.

Ruffians Hair Cream – A product like no other! Ruffians Hair Cream is designed to enhance body, suppleness and sheen. This dream product is not only going to enhance the look of your hair when styling but also improves the texture of damaged hair, reduces greasiness and is ideal for sensitive skin.

Ruffians Hair Powder – A matt product that improves density and gives hold! Ruffians Hair Powder is ideal for giving a matt hold, which looks natural. It provides volume and density to the hair. Ingredients such as natural origin silica support weightless styling and absorb excess oils and moisture.

Ruffians Matt Clay – It’s back and even better! Ruffians Matt Clay has been enhanced and given a face lift providing structure and strong hold. Kaolin clay bind to hair for long-lasting hold without flaking, while natural candelilla and olive waxes nourish, thicken and condition the hair. 

Hair Care

Ruffians Original Shampoo – A shampoo for all hair types! This shampoo is packed with the finest ingredients, including amino acids and mineral-rich organic seaweed, to look after both your hair and scalp. 

Ruffians Original Conditioner – A conditioner that moisturises and soothes! This conditioner, like our shampoo, is filled with a blend of incredible ingredients, including Alba seed oil which naturally moisturises and soothes the hair and scalp.

Beard Grooming

Ruffians Argan Beard Oil – A crowd pleaser – and beard pleaser! Ruffians Argan Beard Oil has gone untouched but now looks even better in new packaging! Antioxidant-rich argan oil locks in moisture while protecting against sun damage and toxins. The fresh smelling tea tree and citrus extracts naturally cleanse the beard and energise the skin beneath. 


Get The Look: Shawn Mendes

Calvin Klein’s newest model and singing superstar Shawn Mendes is at all of the music awards and is the name on everyone’s lips. So here’s what Naomi, who works in our Marylebone shop, had to say about getting the look.

Shawn Mendes has been photographed sporting a longer and more natural style that, for me as a barber, I’m finding a lot of my clientele moving on to from skin fades and shorter cuts so I thought I’d give some tips on what to ask your barber if you’re looking to transition to something longer, more natural and that requires less maintenance. These kind of cuts allow for the ability to style with or without product and this haircut is smart and professional but carries an undone edge with it.

For those looking to emulate Shawn’s style, I would recommend that you ask your barber for an all scissor cut, something with texture and versatility, natural and low maintenance. This may seem quite vague but as professionals we are able to create an image in our minds of what you’re looking for. Showing pictures to your barber is always a great idea, although I would say only use this as a guide to help explain as there are many different elements to consider to ensure that a style is suitable for you. For example, face shape, hair type and texture, so it’s important that you work with your barber to adapt and make sure you get the most out of your haircut. I would also suggest asking your barber for tips on how to style and maintain your new haircut so that it’s manageable in between appointments, otherwise, without the correct styling and products it can defeat the object of a good haircut.

This style is great for hair that has a lot of body, it works especially well with curly hair and if you’re aiming for low maintenance as it can be air dried without much product at all. This isn’t to say that anyone with super straight hair can’t have this style, but it would need a little more attention and time to style therefore eliminating the low maintenance aspect of the cut. Consultation is key in my opinion, before we even touch your hair it is important for both you and your barber to ask each other questions so that you’ve got a clear understanding of what will be achieved by the end of the appointment and that you walk out feeling brand new.

If you do want a bit of styling, it’s super simple! I recommend our Marine Salt Spray in towel dried hair to encourage the movement and then to let it dry naturally (no heat) creating the undone, beachy textured look. Alternatively, if you were to want something slicker and more professional looking, a great way to achieve that would be to add a small amount of our Hair Cream to damp hair. Then with a hairdryer and a paddle or vent brush, direct the hair away from the face and brush backwards until dry. After this, finish off with some of our Styling Paste to give hold and natural shine to the hair.


To book a haircut with Naomi or any of her colleagues click here or pop into the Marylebone shop. 

Our new Ruffians product range is available to purchase from all five of our shops, or can be bought from our online store. Want to let the experts sort your hair and give you the lowdown on the best products for styling it? Book an appointment now.

Barber: Naomi (Marylebone)

Editor: James Hooker (@jamesalexanderbarber)

Stuck for last minute Christmas gift ideas for him? Look no further than Ruffians!

We all know the feeling, Christmas looms ever closer and there’s just one or two more gifts that you’ve been putting off buying because he (and it usually is a he!) is just so tricky to buy for. Maybe he buys himself everything he wants. Maybe you’ve tried buying clothes but you can tell from his reaction on Christmas morning that you just didn’t get it quite right. The jumper that gets politely worn on Christmas day and then never sees the light of day again. It can be tricky, right? Well, not to add any undue pressure but Thursday 20th December (IE TOMORROW is the last recommended postage day for first class deliveries to the UK!

But at Ruffians, we think we can help and we’ll tell you why. Just ask yourself: who on earth doesn’t like a good pampering? And when it comes to that sort of thing, we’ve got products and services to suit every type of guy and every type of budget. So look no further and worry no more!

Gifts £10 or under

Ruffians products have all been specially engineered for men and we pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients. Our barbers all use Ruffians styling and grooming products as part of the service they offer our customers every day and our range has been recommended everywhere from GQ to Men’s Health. What’s more, is that we a number of luxurious products starting at £10 and under including….

Sandalwood Shave Gel (£8) and Daily Facial scrub (£10) both essential to any man’s daily routine.

Ruffians Pomade (£10) for guys who like a slick, high-shine finish to their hair. 

Gifts £30 or under

Ruffians Styling Paste, Pomade and Rough Matt Clay. are recommended by our barbers and the grooming press alike

We have lots more lovely Ruffians products for well under £30, including our famous Styling Paste. Our barbers swear by it and a quick straw poll found that they use it on over three quarters of haircuts because it’s just so versatile and suitable for so many hair types. Not to mention that the results it delivers; easy, invisible, no-fuss styling is what so many guys look for in their hairstyles right now.

Also priced at £15 is our Rough Matt Clay – this is the styling product you want if he likes his hair looking thick, textured and messy – and our Facial Moisturiser, which is a lovely way to pamper yourself every morning and is designed to protect against dryness, and invigorate and nourish skin.

Being able to treat yourself at home is one thing, but honestly, nothing beats a service in one of our sophisticated yet laid-back and down-to-earth grooming spaces across our locations in London and Edinburgh. Here’s a selection of what’s available under £30:

Ruffians Signature Facial (£15) begins with a full consultation to understand his current skincare regime, whilst examining skin sensitivity. An exfoliating facial scrub invigorates before a soothing and relaxing hot towel treatment. An upper body and head massage will help ease away his cares, while a hydrating facial moisturiser refreshes and nourishes the skin.

Our Quick Beard Tidy (£15) is for guys looking to achieve an even beard and sharp look in double quick time. Our barbers will trim, shape and edge your beard, finish and treat it with Ruffians organic Argan oil, before styling it to your exact specifications.

Matthew Heckel, barber at Ruffians in Liberty performs the hot towel treatment part of our Signature Facial
Matthew Heckel, barber at Ruffians in Liberty performs the hot towel treatment part of our Signature Facial

Gifts £100 or under

Ruffians Gift Cards are available in multiples of £20, £30, £40 and £55 and can be redeemed in all Ruffians locations for both services and the purchase of products.

Haircuts (£55)

Our haircuts come with a full consultation as standard – taking into consideration lifestyle, face shape and hair type – to ensure he leaves with a style he loves. A refreshing shampoo and conditioning treatment with an invigorating scalp massage before the cut, finishing and styling will ensure he leaves feeling as good as he looks.

Traditional Cut Throat Razor Shave (£55)

Our highly skilled barbers carry out a personalised skin consultation to understand his current shaving regime, whilst examining the direction of growth, density of stubble, and skin sensitivity. A hot towel treatment and Ruffians’ signature facial clears pores and softens the hair ahead of an expert shave and the smoothest possible finish. We also offer Cut Throat Shave Masterclasses – he’ll get the full experience as detailed above, plus training from our most experienced barbers on how to achieve the same great results at home.

Gifts £100 or over

Haircut and beard tidy with razor work: for guys with hair and a beard this is the ultimate treat: having a great new cut and having the beard conditioned, shaped, edged and trimmed to suit.

Stunning Muhle shaving kits: for guys who prefer a wet shave at home, we sell a range of Muhle shaving soaps, razors, brushes and shaving kits.

What’s available in store?

All Ruffians shops include a retail store selling gift cards, Ruffians grooming products and a selection of great gift ideas including Muhle shaving kits and guest styling products from luxurious brands such as Sacha Juan, Le Labo and more. All of our shops are open until 3pm on Christmas Eve for those really last minute gifts and treats! Find your nearest Ruffians location.