Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner has shaved his head: here’s the Ruffians guide to buzz cuts and how to make them work for you

The Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner revealed his newly shaved head on Monday night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The man of many haircuts has done it again and picked a style that’s bang on trend. Here’s the Ruffian’s guide to the buzz cut – why it’s hot right now and how to make the look work for you.

Why the buzz cut is it hot right now.

Alex aside, David Beckham has also gone and done it himself. Tom Hardy and Ryan Reynolds return to this cut over and over again, Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo have both gone for the buzz post-World Cup and THAT D&G model Mariano Di Vaio recently chopped off all his famously big and beautiful hair.

Why the buzz cut is good for hot weather

Because nobody wants to use a hairdryer in a heatwave like the one we’re having. We tend to want to go for a more relaxed and low maintenance style when the weather warms up – moving away from stiff and sticky products and welcoming soft, natural and lightweight textures (great for festivals and holidays round the pool). The buzz cut can help create more definition in the face (great with that tan you caught in the park) and remember – we lose 80% of our body heat from our head, so if you’re having trouble keeping cool under that mop: CHOP IT OFF!

Want a buzz cut? Here’s what to ask your barber for

Unless you’ve had a buzz cut before and know exactly what you want, bring in some pictures to make sure you and your barber are on the same page. If you want to look great this is definitely one for the barbers and not for the bathroom with your flatmate and a Bic razor.

Generally between a 2 and 5 grade on top with a shorter grade on the sides, depending on what finish you want would determine whether a fade or taper is incorporated into the sides. If you want to go super short on top, a fade on the sides helps the hair have some transition and not look like a skinhead. For rounder faces it’s a good idea to keep some stubble and avoid one length all over!

Post by Natalie Angold, Ruffians Barber at our Shoreditch shop. Book your appointment now.