Slowly, slowly, slowly. Creating Products with Purpose.

A Simple Ideal.

Ruffians began with one concept, which was simply to think of everything from the customer’s point of view. That meant making sure that the ­quality of our service and our experience was always thoughtfully done, and to the best possible standard. Back in 2012, a trip to a barbers often meant hair in your tea and feeling a bit intimidated – not knowing what to ask for or being properly listened to. Never seeing the same stylist twice. We were determined to do better, and when I found a retail unit in a sunlit corner of Edinburgh’s West End, the adventure that became Ruffians began.

We started with one employee – to whom I am forever grateful – who took a leap of faith in my vision while the shop was still a building site, and my wife and I learnt how to shampoo and give head massages at weekends. Now we have a team of sixty fantastically skilled barbers, we’ve cut over half a million heads of hair and we’ve just won Best UK Barber Shop for the second year running.

I often think that the level of skill in barbering goes unrecognised. Done well, it demands both real talent and hard graft. We put a big emphasis on our education, training new recruits and bringing their knowledge up to our standard, equipping them with the techniques they need. But as an industry it can be horribly under-valued, and I am hugely proud of our team for leading the revolution in modern barbering.

Exceptional skill. Bottled.

It was only a matter of time before we started wanting the same quality from the products we were using. The men’s grooming product market is booming, but as with the barbering industry of old, we feel like nobody is properly considering it from the customer’s perspective. We wanted a range that paid close attention to different hair types, lengths and styles. We wanted assurance that the stuff in the bottle really worked, that its source and journey there was the best it could be – honest, high quality and simple.

Most of all, we realised we had an amazing resource right at our fingertips – our award-winning, super-skilled team of barbers, who run their hands through this stuff on a daily basis.

So we’ve taken our time, perfecting formulas, devising scents, testing and involving our creative team along the way.

And slowly, slowly, we have five products that we are extremely proud of, and we will gradually bring more to the table. They work, they look good, they are good – there’s nothing in them that harms either you or the planet. And they should make you feel pretty good too. It’s always been about delivering that sense of confidence when you walk in, and now you can take it home.

I hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Andrew Cannon
Co-founder and chief Ruffian.


Ruffians How To: Classic Pomade

Whether its the slick wet look you’re going for or a slightly messier finish – pomade works for most hair types and styles. Ours is water-based and lightweight, making it easy to use for a range of different looks, with coconut oil to smooth out and increase hair manageability and ginger and vetiver root extracts to act as natural antiseptics and conditioning agents, the Ruffians Classic Pomade goes in easy and washes out even easier. So, to help with some of your styling needs – we’ve put together these tips and tricks for using our pomade.

Pomade vs. Gel: What’s the difference?

“I’m going for a wet look, so why not just use gel?” – here’s why not: gel creates a harder, more crunchy look that often times doesn’t last the entire day. the reason our pomade is water-based is to allow for a bit of movement when applied to the hair. That way you still get that polished wet look, without the hardness that comes with using gel.

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How should I use it?

Our Classic Pomade is perfect for achieving that sharp, professional slicked back look. Think – Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. This long tapered cut works well when styled with a pomade to achieve a clean swept back look.

STEP 1: After washing, towel dry your hair and apply a pea sized amount, rub together in your palms and apply evenly throughout the hair.

TOP TIP: Many people make the mistake of working product from the front to back – this can leave you with an uneven product distribution, making the front very heavy and giving you less hold towards the back. Make sure you work the product through the entirety of your hair, massage it in as if it were shampoo to get the best coverage.

STEP TWO: Blow dry the hair backwards using a vent brush and a nozzle so that the cuticles lay flat

STEP THREE: Use your hands (for a messier look) or a comb (for a sleeker look) to finish and add a little bit more pomade for that sleek look. 

Our Classic Pomade is available to buy across all of our shops, alternatively, it can be purchased from our online store.