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Christmas Gifts for Him- Liberty London

Christmas is just around the corner, so here at Ruffians we’ve put together a Liberty London Christmas gift list to help give a kick-start to your Christmas shopping.

This year we thought we’d start with the boys and who better to help us with our gift ideas than the wonderful Ruffians Soho-Liberty team.

We asked our fabulous crew to scout the shelves and rails for a gift they’d be happy to receive this Christmas and lets just say, they didn’t let us down!


Silver Rope Polished Bracelet


Liberty London

Ollie, Ruffians Liberty’s front of house, is renowned for his bling and is very often found staring wide eyed at the jewelry counter in the menswear accessories department at Liberty London.

But this magpie definitely has a great eye for something special and has chosen this ALL BLUES Silver Rope Polished Bracelet.

Ollie explains, ‘I love the whole All Blues range- it’s classy, simple but different. This bracelet would elevate any outfit, whether you’re at a dinner party or a night on the town!’

This stunning polished bracelet is engraved with the ALL BLUES logo, Stockholm hallmark and standard of fineness mark ensuring origin and material. Coming in three sizes, there’s sure to be a choice for everyone. Accompanied in a stylish gift box, this is a stocking filler sure to make any guys Christmas morning a very special one!


Brownsville Shearling Collar Coat


Liberty London

Our talented barber Matthew is well known for his quirky but trendy outfits and this choice is no exception!

Pendleton’s best-selling Brownsville coat returns for AW19 with a new jacquard pattern, inspired by age-old Native American marker trees.

‘This is a coat that even Starsky would be proud of. Its beautiful, timeless design means you’ll be looking great and keeping super warm this winter!’ Matt suggests.

‘For an effortless winter look, this coat can be worn with anything and will look awesome paired with a big pair of boots.’

Named after the Brownsville Woolen Mill, this coat is woven from the label’s signature blanket-weight wool. Cut to a generous length and accented with a genuine shearling collar, this timeless jacket is designed to keep you warm all season long.


Toronty Wool-Blend Logo Jacquard Scarf


Liberty London

The gorgeous Craig is Ruffians Soho-Liberty’s queen of accessories and surprisingly, this isn’t a tote bag.

‘This is a great quality, funky scarf that’s basic in colour and has a flash of branding,’ Craig tells us.

‘I’d wear it over a gilet or overcoat. It’s a blanket sized scarf, so great for the colder days!’

Showcasing the impeccable quality and addictive texture, this supremely soft, wool-blend scarf takes on an oversized, blanket-inspired silhouette with a large contrasting logo.

Drape it around your neck over outerwear in crisp weather, or snuggle up on the sofa wrapped in its felted wool cosiness.


Branson Leather Cardholder


Liberty London

‘I like things to be simple,’ our newest barber Simon told us.

‘There’s nothing worse than carrying around a huge wallet that takes up all your pocket room. This sleek and simple cardholder is perfect for the essentials: ID, credit card and a bit of cash. The fact it’s black means it goes with EVERYTHING- smart or casual!’

The leather construction offers an updated take on a simple piece, offering four card slots along with a main pocket section.

This Want les Essentials de la Vie’s Branson leather card holder is a smart grab-and-go essential this Christmas.


Michigan Aged Organic Cotton Chore Coat


Liberty London

‘This is right up my street and could be worn by both guys and gals! With ample pockets, there’s no need for a bag or bulky trouser pockets!’ barber Keri says.

‘I love the simplicity of this jacket. The colour is versatile enough that it could be dressed up or down. It would look great for a night out or worn after work for a quick drink. I’d personally wear it with some cropped jeans or trousers, a plain tee and a pair of DMs!’

Staying true to its workwear roots, Carhartt WIP’s Michigan coat is crafted from hard-wearing organic cotton canvas.

Offering maximum durability and protection, this water-resistant jacket is designed to be worn day in and day out. Subtly distressed for a worn-in look, the aged canvas fabric will soften with wear, creating a jacket that is unique to you!


Sunset On Mount Fuji Hoodie


Liberty London

‘A staple for any man’s wardrobe,’ manager Betty explains.

‘If my fiance had this hoodie, he’d literally live in it. Walking the dog, drinks with mates or out Christmas Shopping. If he wasn’t wearing it, I’d definitely be borrowing it! It’s a quality hoodie, fits nicely and would look great under any of the jackets chosen by the boys! The neat motif adds a bit of charm to it and makes it stand out from the usual high street hoodie!’

Crafted from brushed Felpa, this minimalistic piece features an attached hood with drawstring, accented with the label’s Sunset On Mount Fuji logo in contrasting colours. It’s finished with a handy front kangaroo pocket!

Don’t forget, whilst visiting Liberty London this Christmas, you can also pop in and purchase our brand new Ruffians product range from our Soho-Liberty shop, located in Menswear on LG. Our Styling Paste, Argan Beard Oil and Marine Salt Spray make fabulous stocking fillers!

Good things come to those who wait! Introducing our relaunched range of styling and grooming products

The wait is finally over for the launch of our new and improved family of Ruffians styling and grooming products – we are so excited to be delivering a completely new fresh take on our existing popular product line. Bringing back old favourites (with some key enhancements) and introducing some fantastic new members to the family, including Ruffians Marine Spray and Ruffians Hair Powder.

Why the changes?

We knew our original products were good, but we weren’t satisfied with just good – at Ruffians we strive for excellence! Our carefully chosen team of esteemed Ruffians’ barbers have hand picked the finest ingredients, qualities and functions to create a product range that delivers on every front. We’ve carefully replaced any nasties from our older products with natural ingredients (vegan and organic wherever possible) which will benefit both the hair and scalp.

We want our customers to take home the confidence we give in our shops.

A brand new look!

Our new design balances a simple and stylish aesthetic with absolute practicality. A soft, grey card outer with debossed logo, and barber pole sticker in the Ruffians distinctive yellow and blue, opens to reveal a glossy, waterproof inner container, ideal for longevity in the bathroom. 

Best of all – all our packaging is now recyclable!

So, what’s coming?

Hair Styling products

Ruffians Styling Paste–  The all time great – now even greater! The ever popular Ruffians Styling Paste provides familiar flexibility, texture and natural shine.Ingredients such as lanolin, will lock moisture in for a natural, healthy-looking style and antioxidant rich herbal hops act to condition the hair, adding natural shine and promote healthy hair.

Ruffians Marine Spray – A sea-salt spray that protects and strengthens hair. Ruffians Marine Spray not only provides amazing styling results, but is also designed to promote healthy hair.

Ruffians Hair Cream – A product like no other! Ruffians Hair Cream is designed to enhance body, suppleness and sheen. This dream product is not only going to enhance the look of your hair when styling but also improves the texture of damaged hair, reduces greasiness and is ideal for sensitive skin.

Ruffians Hair Powder – A matt product that improves density and gives hold! Ruffians Hair Powder is ideal for giving a matt hold, which looks natural. It provides volume and density to the hair. Ingredients such as natural origin silica support weightless styling and absorb excess oils and moisture.

Ruffians Matt Clay – It’s back and even better! Ruffians Matt Clay has been enhanced and given a face lift providing structure and strong hold. Kaolin clay bind to hair for long-lasting hold without flaking, while natural candelilla and olive waxes nourish, thicken and condition the hair. 

Hair Care

Ruffians Original Shampoo – A shampoo for all hair types! This shampoo is packed with the finest ingredients, including amino acids and mineral-rich organic seaweed, to look after both your hair and scalp. 

Ruffians Original Conditioner – A conditioner that moisturises and soothes! This conditioner, like our shampoo, is filled with a blend of incredible ingredients, including Alba seed oil which naturally moisturises and soothes the hair and scalp.

Beard Grooming

Ruffians Argan Beard Oil – A crowd pleaser – and beard pleaser! Ruffians Argan Beard Oil has gone untouched but now looks even better in new packaging! Antioxidant-rich argan oil locks in moisture while protecting against sun damage and toxins. The fresh smelling tea tree and citrus extracts naturally cleanse the beard and energise the skin beneath. 


Ruffians guide to growing out your hair

Growing your hair may seem like a straightforward process but most of the time, it isn’t as simple as just leaving it alone and letting it grow as long as possible. The journey to having long luscious locks is a long one that takes work and a lot of patience to achieve the results that you want, so that’s why barber Robyn from our Edinburgh shop is here to give you the tricks of the trade and to make your hair growth journey as pain free as possible. 

Regular trims are a must

One of the most important things to remember when growing out your hair is that having regular trims is the key to maintaining a healthy mane. These regular cuts prevent breakage and split ends, therefore keeping hair looking fuller and healthier – promoting strength and growth. At the start of your hair growing process I recommend coming in for a tidy up every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair style manageable and healthy. Once your hair is well on it’s way to growing out you can reduce your visits to once every three or four months. 

Patience is key

As much as we’d love it to – our hair doesn’t grow overnight. it’s a long process and at some point or another you’ll probably find yourself in that weird in-between phase. Your hair isn’t quite long but it isn’t quite short so you feel yourself looking scruffy and in need of a groom. Instead of reaching for those clippers and giving up completely, a good thing to do is to ask your barber to recommend some products to help give your hair some style. I always go for something light that won’t weigh hair down – a sea salt spray or texturising dust. Just to see you through to your desired length and to make you feel a little more in control of your locks.

Don’t over wash

Another key trick is to stop washing your hair every morning with shampoo, this strips the hair of it’s natural oils and can lead to dry and brittle ends. Instead, try using shampoo every second or third day this therefore is much gentler on your hair and allows for the natural oils to lock in moisture and prevent damage.

In order to achieve your perfect haircut – it is important that you look at images of medium length styles to help you on your journey as well as having the end goal image in your head. That way, you can work with your barber to stay on track and  set yourself short term achievable goals. So, every time you leave the barbershop you feel like you’re well on your way – this tip makes growing hair so much easier and more fun.

End game

Although it’s important to keep an open mind about your aims, it’s a good idea to at least have a little bit of an idea about what you’re aiming for long term and the ultimate goal can also be great for the barber advising you on your mid-term shape ups. That way you both stay on the same track.

When you finally arrive at where you want to be, ensure you give your mane some real TLC. A good shampoo will do the trick – we recommend using a hydrating shampoo that will keep the ends of your hair soft and silky. Without the proper care, your hair may end up rebelling, forcing you to chop it all off anyway and undoing all your hard work. And let’s face it, no one wants to have to start from the beginning again.

If you’re looking to start your hair growth journey click here to book an appointment with Robyn in Edinburgh, or any of our barbers across our five shops.


Meet the Ruffians #5: Creative Director Denis Robinson

For the fifth instalment in our Meet the Ruffians series we had a chat to Creative Director and Ruffians Liberty team member, Denis Robinson. With over 35 years experience in cutting hair and an eye for up and coming men’s fashion, he’s the go to man for all your grooming needs.

What’s the difference between a £15 and £55 haircut?

Attention to detail, and a desire to do the best possible job for the person in the chair. When doing a £15 haircut the focus is on doing as many as possible to increase your commission rather than ensuring that your client leaves your chair completely satisfied.

Tell us about your most memorable day at Ruffians so far.

Most memorable and scary was the day I was promoted to Creative Director, the position has really taken me out of my comfort zone and I have definitely had to learn on the job, the role is all about growing the visibility of the brand and creating opportunities for the team. The CD role is traditionally held by the person whose name is above the door so it’s quite a big responsibility to do this job.

Where do you think Ruffians should open its next shop and why?

London Bridge, as an area it really does have it all, commerce, residents, social activities and has truly turned into a go to destination.

What’s going to be the next big thing in men’s hair/ grooming?

I keep getting guys asking me to help grow their hair longer, I love it, coming from a hairdresser background it helps me keep my scissor work on point. The precision of fading is wonderful but sometimes its nice to build a more relaxed silhouette

If you could cut any celebrity’s hair, who would it be?

Jake Gyllenhaal (I don’t need to explain why)

How do you stay inspired to be the best barber you can be?

I always think that my clients deserve the best. Whether I’ve cut their hair for years or it’s their first time in the chair. I need to stay fresh, so consultations every time are what matter the most to me. You have to be open to change.

Whose personal style do you most admire?

Too many to narrow down to just one, but any guy who is brave enough to express themselves in the way that they want to rather than wearing what is ‘on trend’ just for the sake of fitting in.

Do you like to cook?

Yes when I have guests to prepare food for.

What’s your signature dish?

Slow cooked Vodka Chilli, the vodka gives it a real kick, just be careful not to spike your best friend who happens to be in recovery. (the heat thank god burns the alcohol off) and if you do spike him don’t tell him.

You’re marooned on a beautiful desert island. You’re allowed to wish for three items from home – what would they be?

My camera so I could record the adventure, my kindle with all the books I said that I would go back to when I had the peace and quiet to concentrate on them to do them justice. And third wouldn’t be from my home but the spiked best friend’s (see previous question) dog, Gadget, as I would need some company and he for sure is the best company ever.

To book in with Denis or any of the team at Ruffians Liberty click here and to read about when Denis and the team took Ruffians state-side click here.

Stuck for last minute Christmas gift ideas for him? Look no further than Ruffians!

We all know the feeling, Christmas looms ever closer and there’s just one or two more gifts that you’ve been putting off buying because he (and it usually is a he!) is just so tricky to buy for. Maybe he buys himself everything he wants. Maybe you’ve tried buying clothes but you can tell from his reaction on Christmas morning that you just didn’t get it quite right. The jumper that gets politely worn on Christmas day and then never sees the light of day again. It can be tricky, right? Well, not to add any undue pressure but Thursday 20th December (IE TOMORROW is the last recommended postage day for first class deliveries to the UK!

But at Ruffians, we think we can help and we’ll tell you why. Just ask yourself: who on earth doesn’t like a good pampering? And when it comes to that sort of thing, we’ve got products and services to suit every type of guy and every type of budget. So look no further and worry no more!

Gifts £10 or under

Ruffians products have all been specially engineered for men and we pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients. Our barbers all use Ruffians styling and grooming products as part of the service they offer our customers every day and our range has been recommended everywhere from GQ to Men’s Health. What’s more, is that we a number of luxurious products starting at £10 and under including….

Sandalwood Shave Gel (£8) and Daily Facial scrub (£10) both essential to any man’s daily routine.

Ruffians Pomade (£10) for guys who like a slick, high-shine finish to their hair. 

Gifts £30 or under

Ruffians Styling Paste, Pomade and Rough Matt Clay. are recommended by our barbers and the grooming press alike

We have lots more lovely Ruffians products for well under £30, including our famous Styling Paste. Our barbers swear by it and a quick straw poll found that they use it on over three quarters of haircuts because it’s just so versatile and suitable for so many hair types. Not to mention that the results it delivers; easy, invisible, no-fuss styling is what so many guys look for in their hairstyles right now.

Also priced at £15 is our Rough Matt Clay – this is the styling product you want if he likes his hair looking thick, textured and messy – and our Facial Moisturiser, which is a lovely way to pamper yourself every morning and is designed to protect against dryness, and invigorate and nourish skin.

Being able to treat yourself at home is one thing, but honestly, nothing beats a service in one of our sophisticated yet laid-back and down-to-earth grooming spaces across our locations in London and Edinburgh. Here’s a selection of what’s available under £30:

Ruffians Signature Facial (£15) begins with a full consultation to understand his current skincare regime, whilst examining skin sensitivity. An exfoliating facial scrub invigorates before a soothing and relaxing hot towel treatment. An upper body and head massage will help ease away his cares, while a hydrating facial moisturiser refreshes and nourishes the skin.

Our Quick Beard Tidy (£15) is for guys looking to achieve an even beard and sharp look in double quick time. Our barbers will trim, shape and edge your beard, finish and treat it with Ruffians organic Argan oil, before styling it to your exact specifications.

Matthew Heckel, barber at Ruffians in Liberty performs the hot towel treatment part of our Signature Facial
Matthew Heckel, barber at Ruffians in Liberty performs the hot towel treatment part of our Signature Facial

Gifts £100 or under

Ruffians Gift Cards are available in multiples of £20, £30, £40 and £55 and can be redeemed in all Ruffians locations for both services and the purchase of products.

Haircuts (£55)

Our haircuts come with a full consultation as standard – taking into consideration lifestyle, face shape and hair type – to ensure he leaves with a style he loves. A refreshing shampoo and conditioning treatment with an invigorating scalp massage before the cut, finishing and styling will ensure he leaves feeling as good as he looks.

Traditional Cut Throat Razor Shave (£55)

Our highly skilled barbers carry out a personalised skin consultation to understand his current shaving regime, whilst examining the direction of growth, density of stubble, and skin sensitivity. A hot towel treatment and Ruffians’ signature facial clears pores and softens the hair ahead of an expert shave and the smoothest possible finish. We also offer Cut Throat Shave Masterclasses – he’ll get the full experience as detailed above, plus training from our most experienced barbers on how to achieve the same great results at home.

Gifts £100 or over

Haircut and beard tidy with razor work: for guys with hair and a beard this is the ultimate treat: having a great new cut and having the beard conditioned, shaped, edged and trimmed to suit.

Stunning Muhle shaving kits: for guys who prefer a wet shave at home, we sell a range of Muhle shaving soaps, razors, brushes and shaving kits.

What’s available in store?

All Ruffians shops include a retail store selling gift cards, Ruffians grooming products and a selection of great gift ideas including Muhle shaving kits and guest styling products from luxurious brands such as Sacha Juan, Le Labo and more. All of our shops are open until 3pm on Christmas Eve for those really last minute gifts and treats! Find your nearest Ruffians location.