We LOVE Tom Holland’s haircut in Spiderman: Far From Home. Here’s how to get the look yourself.

Want to look as sexy and suave as Spider-Man star Tom Holland without the acrobatics and Lycra suite? Ruffians Soho – Liberty barber Craig tells you how! Our all-time favourite Marvel character Spidey has recently graced the silver screens with a natural swept back scissor cut. Holland’s naturally wavy hair leaves him looking boyish yet sleek enough to swing in and sweep any guy or gal off their feet.

Why it’s hot right now

This year has seen a 90s revival not only on the catwalk but also on the high street. Longer, scissor cut looks are bang on trend, with nudges back to the swept back curtain/ centre parting styles.

What to ask your barber for

When visiting your barber, don’t be afraid to whip out your phone and show the inspiration behind your new cut – barbers, like myself, love a visual cue! From that, your barber can discuss how they can tailor the cut to your individual needs, taking into account your hair type and face shape. If bad signal, lack of battery or interference from Mysterio leave you stranded, explain that you’re looking for a style that can be pushed back.

Sides need to be tapered, keeping the hair just on or above the ear. A fair bit of length is needed on top in order to push it backwards, blended softly into the sides so not to create a disconnected undercut look. Heavier thicker hair will need to be texturised or chipped into to help when sweeping back.

Styling it at home

For styling, firstly towel dry your hair. Depending on your hair type there are a few options for products (if you’re out of web). Thinner, limper hair might benefit from running some of our Marine Salt Spray through towel dried hair. Thicker, fuller hair can be tamed using our Styling Paste or Hair Cream worked through towel dried hair.  

If an emergency leaves you with little time, simply add your desired product to towel dried hair and push back with fingers or a brush. More time on your hands, blow dry back, directing the heat at the roots. Start with the sides, wrapping them around the sides of the head. With the top, start at the back- blowing backwards, and work to the front of the heads (continuing to blow backwards). For the finishing touches, add our Styling Paste for a sleek look, brushing back with fingers or brush. If you’re wanting a less formal look, add a bit of our Matt Clay, pushing back and letting it fall naturally into place.

Maintaining the look

Ideally, length wise, you need the sides to have at least a finger width of growth to be able to wrap it round, and the top will need a minimum of 10cm length.

This more natural scissor cut look means that you can probably get away with it being cut every 5-6 weeks, with maybe a quick tidy up in between to neaten up around the ears and to tame those pesky neck hairs.

Remember – With great hair, comes great responsibility!

To book a haircut with Craig or any of his colleagues at Ruffians Soho – Liberty click here or pop into the shop on the menswear floor of Liberty London. 

Our new Ruffians product range is available to purchase from all five of our shops, or can be bought from our online store. Want to let the experts sort your hair and give you the lowdown on the best products for styling it? Book an appointment now.

Barber: Craig (Soho – Liberty)

Editor: James Hooker (@jamesalexanderbarber)


Spring has sprung! Liberty’s opening hours are extending!

With warmer weather and lighter evenings on the horizon (we hope!) our Liberty shop is extending their opening hours of service until 8:30pm Monday to Friday from the 23rd of April until the 30th August.

That means that you’ll be able to book in for a fresh trim before you hit the beer garden this summer or a last minute tidy up before you head off on your summer travels! No matter what – we’ve got you covered!

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The Ruffians Guide to Self Care

Life in the city can be hectic and fast moving. We rarely get a minute to even think, let alone about ourselves. So, between cramming yourself onto the central line at rush hour or making sure you’re fully prepped for that big meeting at work. It’s important to take time for yourself every once in a while and that’s why we’ve put together a few ways for you to show yourself some love.

  • Visit the barbershop

We may be biased, but we’re firm believers in the idea that looking good can sometimes equal feeling good. A trip to see your barber can give you an hour or so away from busy schedules to just sit and have a good chat – if you’re feeling really indulgent you could also treat yourself to a Ruffians Facial! You’ll leave feeling like a new man.

  • Treat yourself to a coffee

It’s the small things in life that matter, right? So why not take 10 minutes of your day to stop for a coffee and watch the world go by. London is scattered with great coffee shops that serve even greater coffee. Give Origin Coffee Roasters near our Shoreditch shop on Rivington Street a try!

  • Go for a stroll

Fresh air does wonders for the soul – or so they say! Living in London is great for so many things, but up there on that list are the many beautiful parks scattered across the city. Especially, now that we’re approaching Springtime and warmer weather (fingers crossed), you can spend a day off having a wander – maybe even take a picnic?

  • Get a good nights sleep

Sleep is for the weak? We think not. Getting enough sleep is vital to looking after yourself and making sure you’re on top form each day. It’s recommended that you get at least between 7 and 9 hours sleep in order to feel fully rested and to prevent those pesky dark circles.

  • Catch up with friends and family

Making time for the people you love can be something that is easily forgotten but vital to keeping yourself happy and healthy. Even if it’s just a quick phone call or catch up drink after work, making time for your most important people will do wonders for your well-being!

To treat yourself to a pamper sesh – book in with any of our talented stylists in one of our five shops by clicking here

Meet the Ruffians #6: Lee-Ann from Ruffians Edinburgh

Lee-Ann from our Edinburgh shop is up next in the hot seat. We found out what it’s like working in the original Ruffians shop.

What do you think makes Ruffians special?

With Ruffians it’s definitely prestige plus a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that makes it special. It’s somewhere gents can come and have an epic salon experience with highly trained barbers, that’s what makes us stand out amongst the others!

What’s the Ruffians hair product you can’t live without?

I really couldn’t live without the styling paste! It’s my go to product and my clients love it!

You work in Ruffians Edinburgh. Where’s your favorite place to eat/ drink nearby?

That’s a tough one as there are so many great places in the West End but I’d have to say KYLO Steakhouse. It’s so close to work and I do love a good steak and it’s reasonably priced too!

Tell us a bit about how you got into barbering?

I originally trained as a hairdresser but fancied crossing over into barbering as I found the environment to be more fun and relaxing, also because it was vastly becoming more and more trendy. I was living in Glasgow at the time and passed a barbershop with a sign in the window, so I popped in for a chat and the rest is history! I absolutely love the industry and working for Ruffians really is just so much fun. Every day is a an adventure!

If you could cut the hair of a celebrity who would it be?

 That’s an easy one! Jason Momoa, he has incredibly beautiful hair, but have the first aid kit at the ready because I’d probably cut my finger off or pass out from the excitement!

How do you stay inspired to be the best barber you can be?

 Social media is the obvious one as there is just so much content from all around the world but I also find inspiration from my colleagues. They all have different styles and techniques so it keeps me on my toes. Everyone is willing to advise and help each other so it’s easy to pick up hints and tips to constantly develop myself.

 If I was to give you £1000 to spend in one shop which one would you choose and why?

 It has to be Harvey Nichols! Arm candy is my weakness, so I would invest it in a beautiful handbag. A good bag lasts a lifetime so it’s more like an investment!

You can invite 3 celebrities (dead or alive) to a dinner party who would you choose?

 Gordon Ramsey – he can cook the dinner.

Rebel Wilson – she’s hilarious and would keep the chat going.

Jason Mamoa – the eye candy.

 Getting a haircut is a great way of taking some time for self-care. How do you like to treat yourself to some ‘me time’?

I love the simple things, so I would:

Get a nice haircut and colour

Get a really good massage to fix the knots from cutting all that hair.

Go to the gym (especially making sure I use the sauna and jacuzzi) and then finish off with a tanning session!

Lee-Ann and the Edinburgh girls

To book in with Lee-Ann or any of the Ruffians Edinburgh team, click here.

Stuck for last minute Christmas gift ideas for him? Look no further than Ruffians!

We all know the feeling, Christmas looms ever closer and there’s just one or two more gifts that you’ve been putting off buying because he (and it usually is a he!) is just so tricky to buy for. Maybe he buys himself everything he wants. Maybe you’ve tried buying clothes but you can tell from his reaction on Christmas morning that you just didn’t get it quite right. The jumper that gets politely worn on Christmas day and then never sees the light of day again. It can be tricky, right? Well, not to add any undue pressure but Thursday 20th December (IE TOMORROW is the last recommended postage day for first class deliveries to the UK!

But at Ruffians, we think we can help and we’ll tell you why. Just ask yourself: who on earth doesn’t like a good pampering? And when it comes to that sort of thing, we’ve got products and services to suit every type of guy and every type of budget. So look no further and worry no more!

Gifts £10 or under

Ruffians products have all been specially engineered for men and we pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients. Our barbers all use Ruffians styling and grooming products as part of the service they offer our customers every day and our range has been recommended everywhere from GQ to Men’s Health. What’s more, is that we a number of luxurious products starting at £10 and under including….

Sandalwood Shave Gel (£8) and Daily Facial scrub (£10) both essential to any man’s daily routine.

Ruffians Pomade (£10) for guys who like a slick, high-shine finish to their hair. 

Gifts £30 or under

Ruffians Styling Paste, Pomade and Rough Matt Clay. are recommended by our barbers and the grooming press alike

We have lots more lovely Ruffians products for well under £30, including our famous Styling Paste. Our barbers swear by it and a quick straw poll found that they use it on over three quarters of haircuts because it’s just so versatile and suitable for so many hair types. Not to mention that the results it delivers; easy, invisible, no-fuss styling is what so many guys look for in their hairstyles right now.

Also priced at £15 is our Rough Matt Clay – this is the styling product you want if he likes his hair looking thick, textured and messy – and our Facial Moisturiser, which is a lovely way to pamper yourself every morning and is designed to protect against dryness, and invigorate and nourish skin.

Being able to treat yourself at home is one thing, but honestly, nothing beats a service in one of our sophisticated yet laid-back and down-to-earth grooming spaces across our locations in London and Edinburgh. Here’s a selection of what’s available under £30:

Ruffians Signature Facial (£15) begins with a full consultation to understand his current skincare regime, whilst examining skin sensitivity. An exfoliating facial scrub invigorates before a soothing and relaxing hot towel treatment. An upper body and head massage will help ease away his cares, while a hydrating facial moisturiser refreshes and nourishes the skin.

Our Quick Beard Tidy (£15) is for guys looking to achieve an even beard and sharp look in double quick time. Our barbers will trim, shape and edge your beard, finish and treat it with Ruffians organic Argan oil, before styling it to your exact specifications.

Matthew Heckel, barber at Ruffians in Liberty performs the hot towel treatment part of our Signature Facial
Matthew Heckel, barber at Ruffians in Liberty performs the hot towel treatment part of our Signature Facial

Gifts £100 or under

Ruffians Gift Cards are available in multiples of £20, £30, £40 and £55 and can be redeemed in all Ruffians locations for both services and the purchase of products.

Haircuts (£55)

Our haircuts come with a full consultation as standard – taking into consideration lifestyle, face shape and hair type – to ensure he leaves with a style he loves. A refreshing shampoo and conditioning treatment with an invigorating scalp massage before the cut, finishing and styling will ensure he leaves feeling as good as he looks.

Traditional Cut Throat Razor Shave (£55)

Our highly skilled barbers carry out a personalised skin consultation to understand his current shaving regime, whilst examining the direction of growth, density of stubble, and skin sensitivity. A hot towel treatment and Ruffians’ signature facial clears pores and softens the hair ahead of an expert shave and the smoothest possible finish. We also offer Cut Throat Shave Masterclasses – he’ll get the full experience as detailed above, plus training from our most experienced barbers on how to achieve the same great results at home.

Gifts £100 or over

Haircut and beard tidy with razor work: for guys with hair and a beard this is the ultimate treat: having a great new cut and having the beard conditioned, shaped, edged and trimmed to suit.

Stunning Muhle shaving kits: for guys who prefer a wet shave at home, we sell a range of Muhle shaving soaps, razors, brushes and shaving kits.

What’s available in store?

All Ruffians shops include a retail store selling gift cards, Ruffians grooming products and a selection of great gift ideas including Muhle shaving kits and guest styling products from luxurious brands such as Sacha Juan, Le Labo and more. All of our shops are open until 3pm on Christmas Eve for those really last minute gifts and treats! Find your nearest Ruffians location.