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Everyone’s hair hero right now is the incomparable Timothée Chalamet. He’s sky-rocketed in his career, he’s unafraid to take on the high fashion stakes, and he wins, in no small part, thanks to his HAIR. (We would think that, but it’s true!) 

Maxwell from Ruffians Shoreditch gives us the lowdown on how to get Timothée’s look. 

“This style is great for hair with some body, and a natural curl or wave. But first, you’re going to need some length. If you’ve been used to having your hair shorter it may take a couple or more cuts to get to the desired look. We’re seeing more and more requests for this, with the likes of Timothée and Adam Driver setting the trend for glossy, longer waves. Hang in there and take the journey with your barber – they can provide styling tips that will ensure you look great at all the in-between stages. 

When you reach the desired length, ask for an all-over scissor cut, keeping length on the top and slightly tapering in the sides for graduated precision.”

“Once you’ve got the cut, the styling options are so varied,” enthuses Maxwell. “For a relaxed, daytime vibe, spritz in some Ruffians Marine Salt Spray and leave to dry naturally. For a slicker look, rub a pea-sized amount of the Ruffians Styling Paste in your hands and run through from front to back when almost dry.

For full, bouncy waves, run a generous dollop of our Hair Cream into damp hair and then gently diffuse with a hair dryer. When the hair is 90% dry, down tools, and run your fingers through to open up the waves.”

All you have to do now is pick up that trophy. 

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Get the Look: Festive Season 2019

The festive season is upon us! Presents need to be bought and wrapped, parties need to be attended and your hair needs to look on point. Here at Ruffians, we aim to have you looking good all year round and our barbers have put together a style guide to help you look your best this Christmas and New Year!

You’re joking…

What did the bald guy say when he got a comb for Christmas?

“I’ll never PART with it!”

Why did Frosty not have to go to the barbers?

Because he had ‘sNOw hair’!

Why did Santa’s hair look such a mess on Christmas morning?

Because of the RAIN-deer!

Ok, ok, no more Chritsmas cracker jokes! Let’s get to the point, this is your Get the Look: Festive Season 2019. Whether it’s the office Christmas party or New Years Eve fireworks, we have the top tips for getting your hair looking festively-good for the upcoming party season!

We’ve asked one of our newest barbers Keri at Ruffians Soho-Liberty to give us the lowdown on three key hair looks that will truly make you stand out from the crowd.

Meticulously Messy

If you’re going for the messy but stylish look this Christmas, here’s how to do it. Barber Keri suggests, this is a look for all- a messy textured look that works on any hair length.

Wash the hair with Ruffians Original Shampoo and towel dry until damp to the touch. Spray a healthy amount (6 or more squirts) of Ruffians Marine Spray over the damp hair- working it into the roots with your fingers. 

Keri explains, for the best results, blow dry roughly in all directions. This isn’t a neat style, go wild with your hairdryer, breaking the hair up with your fingers. 

The Ruffians Marine Spray will give a great texture, creating that meticulously messy look. To finish the style, use Ruffians Hair Powder to add density and hold. Tap the powder throughout the hair, close to the roots. The amount you use will depend on the hold you want to achieve- the more you use, the stronger the hold.

Now go crazy- ruffle the hair in all directions, activating the Ruffians Hair Powder and creating that messy textured look.

Keri adds, if your hair is on the fluffy or dry side, take a peas-sized amount of Ruffians Matt Clay in the palm of your hand. Vigorously warm the clay between your hands and then rub through the hair from root to tip, break the hair up with your fingers, pinching it into the desired look. She explains that the clay will take the fluffy edge off the look, adding more definition. 

Subtly Suave

Fancy a sleeker, more sophisticated look this winter? Keri has the how to for this look.  

This is a subtly suave look, best for mid length, longer hair. Firstly, wash the hair with Ruffians Original Shampoo and condition with Ruffians Original Conditioner

Towel dry the hair. Take your Ruffians Hair Cream and portion a pea-sized amount into your palm. Rub the cream between your hands and work it thoroughly through the hair, applying it from the roots to the ends. 

Now, Keri says you have two options, if you’re in a rush, brush/ comb the hair into the desired shape- parting the hair on the side of your preference and leave the hair to dry naturally. If you have time to spare, get the hairdryer out, directing the hair on the sides and top backwards, away from the face. Once dry, take a fingertip worth of Ruffian Styling Paste rubbing it vigorously between the palms of your hands. Really work the product throughout the hair, again working it from the root to the tip. 

Finally, for a sleeker look, use a brush/ comb to style as desired. For a more natural look, push and shape with your hands and fingers. To fix into place, finish with a strong hold hairspray, to fix into place!

Sickeningly Slick

Our barber says, you can achieve this style with most lengths of hair, longer hair will obviously push back easier than shorter lengths.

Wash the hair with Ruffians Original Shampoo and then lightly towel dry, leaving the hair damp. Keri suggests, this is a wet look so product will be added to the hair while it is wet. Ruffians Styling Paste can be used, taking a fingertip amount and working it between the palms of the hands. Rub the product thoroughly through the damp hair, pushing it backwards with your fingers, brush or comb. Using your fingers will give you a natural texture, whereas the brush or comb will give a sleeker maintained hold. 

The Ruffians product range is available to purchase from all five of our shops, or can be bought from our online store. Want to let the experts sort your hair and give you the lowdown on the best products for styling it? Book an appointment now.

Barber: Keri Nobbs (@keri_barberxstylist)

We LOVE Tom Holland’s haircut in Spiderman: Far From Home. Here’s how to get the look yourself.

Want to look as sexy and suave as Spider-Man star Tom Holland without the acrobatics and Lycra suite? Ruffians Soho – Liberty barber Craig tells you how! Our all-time favourite Marvel character Spidey has recently graced the silver screens with a natural swept back scissor cut. Holland’s naturally wavy hair leaves him looking boyish yet sleek enough to swing in and sweep any guy or gal off their feet.

Why it’s hot right now

This year has seen a 90s revival not only on the catwalk but also on the high street. Longer, scissor cut looks are bang on trend, with nudges back to the swept back curtain/ centre parting styles.

What to ask your barber for

When visiting your barber, don’t be afraid to whip out your phone and show the inspiration behind your new cut – barbers, like myself, love a visual cue! From that, your barber can discuss how they can tailor the cut to your individual needs, taking into account your hair type and face shape. If bad signal, lack of battery or interference from Mysterio leave you stranded, explain that you’re looking for a style that can be pushed back.

Sides need to be tapered, keeping the hair just on or above the ear. A fair bit of length is needed on top in order to push it backwards, blended softly into the sides so not to create a disconnected undercut look. Heavier thicker hair will need to be texturised or chipped into to help when sweeping back.

Styling it at home

For styling, firstly towel dry your hair. Depending on your hair type there are a few options for products (if you’re out of web). Thinner, limper hair might benefit from running some of our Marine Salt Spray through towel dried hair. Thicker, fuller hair can be tamed using our Styling Paste or Hair Cream worked through towel dried hair.  

If an emergency leaves you with little time, simply add your desired product to towel dried hair and push back with fingers or a brush. More time on your hands, blow dry back, directing the heat at the roots. Start with the sides, wrapping them around the sides of the head. With the top, start at the back- blowing backwards, and work to the front of the heads (continuing to blow backwards). For the finishing touches, add our Styling Paste for a sleek look, brushing back with fingers or brush. If you’re wanting a less formal look, add a bit of our Matt Clay, pushing back and letting it fall naturally into place.

Maintaining the look

Ideally, length wise, you need the sides to have at least a finger width of growth to be able to wrap it round, and the top will need a minimum of 10cm length.

This more natural scissor cut look means that you can probably get away with it being cut every 5-6 weeks, with maybe a quick tidy up in between to neaten up around the ears and to tame those pesky neck hairs.

Remember – With great hair, comes great responsibility!

To book a haircut with Craig or any of his colleagues at Ruffians Soho – Liberty click here or pop into the shop on the menswear floor of Liberty London. 

Our new Ruffians product range is available to purchase from all five of our shops, or can be bought from our online store. Want to let the experts sort your hair and give you the lowdown on the best products for styling it? Book an appointment now.

Barber: Craig (Soho – Liberty)

Editor: James Hooker (@jamesalexanderbarber)