Ruffians wins the Best British Barbershop trophy for second year in a row

Ruffians has beaten off fierce competition to be named Best British Barber Shop – for the second year in a row!

Ruffians won the prestigious national competition, run by Wahl Professional, and the team was presented with the trophy at Salon International, the annual marquee event of the global professional hairdressing industry, held at London’s Excel Centre.

Despite being up against some of the biggest names in the industry, Ruffians managed to take home the trophy. Wahl Professional’s Chris Barleycorn, said ‘The Wahl Barbershop of the Year is a hugely coveted award, as the calibre of shops that are entered every year is so high. The judges consider every aspect of the business: quality of hairdressing, customer experience, interior and branding’.

This is the second year in a row that Ruffians has taken home the Barbershop of the Year trophy. In 2018 the title was won by Ruffians flagship shop at Covent Garden. This year it was Ruffians’ Marylebone shop that was secret-shopped for the award, bringing Ruffians out on top again!

Wahl’s Global Artistic Director, Simon Shaw, who presented the award to Ruffians on the Wahl Professional stage at Salon International added: ‘I was delighted to hand the Wahl Barbershop of the Year trophy to Ruffians for the second time. The quality and integrity shown by Ruffians should be an inspiration to other shops on how to run their business.’

To win once felt good, to win again the very next year feels absolutely amazing! Our shop teams work so hard and this is such a great reward for their tireless efforts. Would I be pushing my luck if I said I wanted to make it a hat-trick next year?!

Andrew Cannon, Co- founder and MD, Ruffians

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Book yourself an appointment with our award-winning team at Ruffians Marylebone online, in person or over the phone on 020 7935 2020.

Grey Hair? Don’t Care!: Advice on How to Deal with Going Grey

Why Me? Why Now?: The Science Behind It

As we get older, the cells responsible for the pigment in our hair follicles, called melanin, begin to die, the melanin in our hair is produced less and so, hair loses it’s colour and turns grey.

Contrary to what many think, you can go grey at any age and for a few different reasons. Grey hair is an inherited trait, so chances are, if one of your parents went grey at an early age, you might too. Your diet and hormone levels can also affect the rate at which your hair greys, as well as stress, but ultimately – the predisposition to going grey later in life is genetic and more often than not, unavoidable.

How Do I Combat It?

We caught TJ from our Shoreditch shop in between haircuts for a quick chat and to ask him about the best ways to embrace, combat and style your grey locks. He’s very much of the belief that men should embrace it when they start going grey, “don’t get caught in the vicious cycle of dying your hair every six weeks!” he says “once you start you can’t really stop, if it works for George Clooney it can work for you!”

TJ also filled us in on the best haircuts and ways to style grey hair: “usually, when men start going grey, it begins where your hair meets your beard, on your sideburns and around your ears, so if you want this to be a little less noticeable, the shorter you have your hair, the better. Keeping your hair tight to your head will disguise that salt and pepper colour – keeping you looking and feeling young.”

“If you’ve gone grey all over and are still wanting it to be less noticeable, you can use a sea salt spray, some hair powder or dust to give your barnet a bit of texture on top” he notes “make sure to stay away from any wet look products or ones with a shiny finish, these will bring the colour out and highlight the grey hair instead”. We recommend using the Ruffians Rough Matt Clay to give you a nice matt finish.


On the other hand, we think grey hair, when styled right, can look refined and smart. (See Philip Schofield). So, why hide away from your natural look? Besides, some people pay lots of money to have their hair dyed silver, white and grey. Consider yourself lucky that you’ve got it naturally!

Still stuck on ideas? Why not book an appointment with Tj or any of our talented barbers across our five shops for the best haircuts, advice and conversation in the industry!

coven garden michele headshot

Meet the Ruffians #8: Michele who works in Covent Garden

If you couldn’t tell by now, the people who make up our Ruffians team come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. We like to think this is what makes us so special. Up next in our Meet the Ruffians series is Michele from our Covent Garden shop. When he’s not barbering you’ll find him riding his skateboard and listening to punk rock. When at work? He’s the go to man for classic cuts and taper fades.

How long have you worked for Ruffians?

I have worked at Ruffians since the 1st of September 2017 – so all in all, that makes it 1 year, 7 months and 10 days

Tell us about your most memorable day at Ruffians

The Christmas party was a grand ol’ time, was great to see all the shops together, mingling and having fun. The awards ceremony was great, seeing everyone support each other, in victory and defeat.

When did you decide you wanted to cut men’s hair?

I got into barbering through my girlfriend, she’s a hairdresser and she used to cut my hair. I used to sit and think “This looks fun! I can do this!”, so I did!

If you could cut any celebrity’s hair, who would it be?

Bart Simpson

What’s the last song you played on Spotify/ iTunes

Concubine by Converge

Do you have any tattoos? Which is your favourite and why?

I have many tattoos all over. My personal favourite is the sunset dude on my bicep. It reminds me of being home

Here’s a video of Michele doing his thing:

To book in with Michele or any of the other talented barbers at Ruffians Covent Garden, click here.


The Ruffians Guide to Self Care

Life in the city can be hectic and fast moving. We rarely get a minute to even think, let alone about ourselves. So, between cramming yourself onto the central line at rush hour or making sure you’re fully prepped for that big meeting at work. It’s important to take time for yourself every once in a while and that’s why we’ve put together a few ways for you to show yourself some love.

  • Visit the barbershop

We may be biased, but we’re firm believers in the idea that looking good can sometimes equal feeling good. A trip to see your barber can give you an hour or so away from busy schedules to just sit and have a good chat – if you’re feeling really indulgent you could also treat yourself to a Ruffians Facial! You’ll leave feeling like a new man.

  • Treat yourself to a coffee

It’s the small things in life that matter, right? So why not take 10 minutes of your day to stop for a coffee and watch the world go by. London is scattered with great coffee shops that serve even greater coffee. Give Origin Coffee Roasters near our Shoreditch shop on Rivington Street a try!

  • Go for a stroll

Fresh air does wonders for the soul – or so they say! Living in London is great for so many things, but up there on that list are the many beautiful parks scattered across the city. Especially, now that we’re approaching Springtime and warmer weather (fingers crossed), you can spend a day off having a wander – maybe even take a picnic?

  • Get a good nights sleep

Sleep is for the weak? We think not. Getting enough sleep is vital to looking after yourself and making sure you’re on top form each day. It’s recommended that you get at least between 7 and 9 hours sleep in order to feel fully rested and to prevent those pesky dark circles.

  • Catch up with friends and family

Making time for the people you love can be something that is easily forgotten but vital to keeping yourself happy and healthy. Even if it’s just a quick phone call or catch up drink after work, making time for your most important people will do wonders for your well-being!

To treat yourself to a pamper sesh – book in with any of our talented stylists in one of our five shops by clicking here