Style Focus: the Textured Crop



This super-low maintenance crop is not only easy on the eye, it’s easy on time and takes little to no effort to make it look amazing. It’s absolutely everywhere right now, with everyone from David Beckham to Jake Gyllenhaal sporting this super chic style.


For the Ryan Reynolds version you want a scissor-over-comb crop on the sides  with a point-cut rounded layer on top –  scissor-over-comb gives a softer finish than clippers will. Alternatively, if you’re addicted to super short on the back and sides, if you ask your barber for the usual fade around the back but get them to texturise the top by cutting super short to follow the shape of the head using a point cutting technique, ask them to avoid thinning scissors as it will make the hair too fluffy.

How to style it

As mentioned, it’s pretty low maintenance but also holds its shape as it grows out so you may well end up with your next season’s look into the bargain. The lack of gels/waxes/pastes is good for the hair, giving it a break and allowing it and the scalp to breathe. You can wash and wear it natural, but if you want more volume use a little L’Oreal Superdust. Rather than sprinkling into the hair for volume, pour a little into your hands, rub together and then rub over the surface of the hair, this will disturb the texture and enhance the haircut.

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