Ruffians X Minimum | Long Hairstyles You Should Try


The Ruffians team have teamed up with Danish based fashion brand, Minimum to bring to life some of their collections and collaborate on key hairstyles.

Minimum is a  20-year-old fashion brand from of Aarhus, Denmark. minimums’ designs are rooted in their Nordic heritage, and the collections are both urban and contemporary, ensuring clean and durable items for a versatile wardrobe – Ruffians’ understanding of style fits that perfectly. “We know that fashion is not just about clothes, it is about lifestyle, and hair is a very important part of the modern man’s lifestyle” – Peder Tang CEO of minimum. With their unique attention to detail and the importance

The Edinburgh born barbershop has quickly spread across London with their refreshing take on haircuts: “it’s not just the haircut, it is the experience and lifestyle that goes with it” – Adam Bodini, Ruffians. This philosophy is the basis of the collaboration. Your style in both hair and clothes is not just for the look, it is the story about who you are. The collaboration is all about bringing the two aspects of style together, and helping the modern man tell his story right.

You can find samples from minimums collection in Ruffians Shoreditch together with the limited Ruffians X Minimum t-shirts.

The culmination of the collaboration is an event at fashion and lifestyle store Aida in Shoreditch on the 23rd of November. The event will feature free Rum from Brugal, a DJ, handpicked styles from the current minimum Collection, drinks and a full barber setup by Ruffians – everyone is welcome to stop by for a drink and a look at the exiting collab.

*4 Long Hairstyles You Should Try

  1. The Early 90’s Grunge Revival – a la Kurt Cobain

Best for guys with straight(ish) hair

The 90’s revival is in full swing! From skater-style loose fitting tops, wide leg trousers, sell out sneaker re-releases and now hairstyles. Even a certain David Beckham seems to be having a stab at growing out his customary sharp, slicked back look into a Cobain-esque style.

Ask your barber/stylist to initially cut the hair ‘one length’ to just above the shoulders and then put in low subtle layers with a razor to achieve that not too neat look. To style the hair is easy – a bit of salt spray or leave in conditioner just to add a bit of rough texture and don’t wash or condition your hair too often, a bit of gnarly grime and build up only adds to the look

2. The Surfer – a la Patrick Swayze in Point Break


Best for guys with wavy hair

Autumn isn’t generally a time of year that immediately conjures up images of sea swept sands, however, your hair is likely to get almost as wet and windswept with the obligatory English downpours. Preened and polished styles will be ruined in no time, so opt for a loose and beachy style instead.

Ask your barber/stylist to cut your hair an inch above the shoulders and then point cut layers to add texture and movement. Best styled with a diffuser, scrunching in some salt spray as you go to give a slightly dishevelled look.

3. Swept Back – a la Dev Patel or Bradley Cooper

Best for all types of hair

A great, classic style in itself, but also a good option for those with mid length hair that’s growing out. It can also look quite smart, so good if you work in a job where long hair may be frowned upon.

Ask your barber or stylist to cut the hair so that it is just long enough to be pushed behind the ears, retaining a simple round shape with enough weight at the neckline to hold the style in place. To style blow dry all the hair back utilising a hair cream if your hair is frizzy and/or wavy. If you have a strong parting or cowslick then go with it, otherwise you’ll be rearranging your hair all day.

4. The Long Mod – a la Paul Weller or 90’s Liam Gallagher

Best for guys with a good head of hair

A statement look that isn’t for everyone, but that’s what makes it so timeless and undisputedly cool for those that can pull it off. Brush off your Fred Perry polo and get that trench coat out from the back of the wardrobe!

Ask your barber or stylist to carry out almost a reverse classic men’s haircut – i.e short and choppy on top with a blunt, hacked fringe and longer and softer on the back and sides, particularly around the edges. Simply style with a bit of matt clay or paste to emphasise the textures.


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