Ruffians X Brugal 1888 | Free Rum Tasting

Ruffians X Brugal 1888 | Free Rum Tasting

We are very excited to announce that across all our stores we will be serving a very special rum, Brugal 1888 as well as throwing three rum tasting evenings. 1888 is the first sipping rum to be served at room temperature, best served at 24-26 degrees to match homes in the Dominican Republic where the rum was created. A perfect companion to warm you up in the build up to Christmas.

The rum is double matured and aged for up to 14 years (8years in ex-bourbon, 6 years in sherry) with no added sugar or preservatives. When served warm, the Bourbon notes are enhanced and the twice aged character comes to life. This reveals 1888’s extraordinary complex layers and flavours, vanilla, toffee, raisins and dates. Then as the liquid cools you can enjoy the sherry influence as the dry citrus and red fruits come alive.

To celebrate working with this iconic brand, we are going to be throwing three parties, including free drinks, free trims and tidy ups as well as music throughout the night. Make sure you reserve your ticket now:


23rd  November

*This event is hosted in Aida, Shoreditch, a short walk from our Ruffians store


30th November

Covent Garden

1st December

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