Ruffians’ five essential tips for keeping your beard looking and feeling great this summer


Beards in summer can feel like a nuisance if we’re all honest right? Warmer weather makes us sweat and that can get trapped on the skin under the hair. Apart from it not smelling so fresh it can cause acne under the hair which is very uncomfortable. But there are things you can do other than taking it all off – so don’t do anything rash! Read these tips for keeping your beard looking and feeling great this summer from Ruffians’ Creative Director Denis Robinson.

Keep it clean

The best thing you can do for your beard is wash it when you are washing the rest of you, but if anything, it will need a little more attention. It’s almost like washing an area that is still clothed. Use an exfoliating face wash and rub it into the skin areas where the hair growth comes from.

Tiny particles from the scrub can get stuck in the beard hair, so make sure to thoroughly wash the beard (& hair) in the shower, taking extra care on the final rinse to make sure you get it all out. Face the water flow and separate the beard and allow water to get right down to the chin.

Beards: cleanliness is next to Godliness

Summer tip: Rinse your beard with fresh water after going for a swim. Salt and or chlorinated water can be very damaging and drying particularly with the addition those strong sun rays. So get rid of the residue before it sinks in.

Protect it

Turns out, that big ball of fire in the sky can get rather hot and it burns. And just because you have a beard doesn’t mean you’re escaping those harmful rays.

Hopefully you will be applying a high-SPF suncream to your skin before going out in the sun – do your beard a favour and rub some in as well, right down to the skin underneath to protect that as well.

You may think that facial hair is protecting your face from harmful rays but it is not. Sunburn is particularly painful anywhere but imagine it under a layer of hair and the trapped sweat irritating it even more. Use a leave-in sunscreen spray, and top-up throughout the day

Keep it supple

Beard hair is unlike other hair on your body, it is coarser meaning it has the potential to get much itchier. During the summer months, you need to focus on the right products to counteract your beards exposure to sand, sea and sun. Use a beard-oil that helps repair hair and skin also suppressing excess oiliness, retaining the beard’s natural moisture. Ruffians’ own signature Argan beard oil is just the ticket.


Good old H2O is truly the nectar you should be pouring into your body for healthy skin and hair. Two litres of the stuff a day is the minimum you should be drinking and up that to three in hotter climates.

When the beard isn’t getting enough water it will become hard and brittle, resulting in an itchy beard and irritated skin.

Summer tip: Buy a large bottle of water, add your favourite squash/cordial and freeze overnight. Throughout the day the ice will melt, providing a consistently cold and refreshing drink.

Drink lots of water to keep your beard hydrated and healthy

A little bit of grooming

Hotter weather causes hair to grow quicker, and your facial hair grows faster than hair anywhere else on your body so more frequent trims are a good idea. Particularly if you’re actually going to be visiting somewhere with hotter than average temperatures. Shorter beards are easier to groom and hold less detritus.

If typically you have a beard trim at the same time as your have a haircut, then you might want to think about scheduling a mid-point quick beard tidy, keeping you look sharper as well as allowing more air to the skin

Summer tip: if keeping the beard shorter then refer back to point two and add that high-SPF protection in more liberal quantities to protect that skin that hasn’t been so exposed to the elements.

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