Rockstar 60s Mullet: Jaymarie Winkler

Rockstar 60s Mullet by Jaymarie Winkler

In the second instalment of the Ruffians Barber Series we are showcasing the work of Jaymarie Winkler, store manager of Ruffians Liberty. Jaymarie’s favourite decade was the 60s and she loves all mod hairstyles and rocker hair. ‘I wish more guys wanted Paul Weller Haircuts’ said Jaymarie on the style she chose.

Creative Director, Denis Robinson gave his thoughts on the look:

“It’s not all Blades and Fades for Jaymarie, Store Manager of Ruffians Liberty. Taking her inspiration from the year she was born this rockstar 80’s mullet is a technically perfect haircut. Once again showing that Mens hair in 2017 is created by a blurred blend of influences and constructed In such a way as to make millennial man look just like the man he wants to be.”

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