International Women’s Day: Lauren McArthur


We are blessed at Ruffians to have incredible female barbering talent across all our stores. Our female barbers are forward thinking, incredibly technical, talented and a lot of fun. As part of International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight and celebrate our female barbers, to highlight their skills and personality they bring to us. Up first, we spoke to the Australian pocket rocket, Lauren in Edinburgh.

How long have you been with Ruffians?

Since June 2017, so 10 months.

What does Ruffians mean to you?

Ruffians really was my dream job and so far its been even better then I expected! I get to meet all sorts of people and hanging out the with fabulous team are two of the many highlights. Not to forget the beautiful interiors.

It’s nice to feel valued in the team and to my clients.

What is your favourite hairstyle to cut?

Long hair for days! I love playing with shapes and looking at the hair as something sculptural that compliments the face shape. Making something so often feminine into a masculine shape. Same goes for medium styles too.  Shapes and angles…

What has been your greatest achievement in your hairdressing career?

I have had a lot of amazing opportunities in my career, working on shows and shoots and being a part of an award winning team. However it’s day to day achievements I love, like when I get a nervous or challenging client in my chair, getting them to relax and by the end if they say ‘That’s exactly what I wanted.’… That’s a great feeling. You feel like you have made such a positive impact on that client’s day!

What are you most excited about for the future in the industry?

Most excited… well im pretty damn excited about the food waste bin we’re getting in the shop!
As for the industry, it’s really exciting to see more and more organic products and more sustainable companies filtering in. I think green is the future as more people become aware of how their choices have an immediate impact and also how they affect the future.
I’m also excited about the new trainees and appentices just starting out. They come with a new light of burning passion for the craft and are often the first to try new and different things and no matter how long you have been in the industry, you can learn from the new barbers.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Happy. Honest. Humble.

What advice would you pass onto any women looking for a career in barbering?

I really love being a barber. I don’t really think about being a female barber! Since the industry seems pretty balanced already, I’m just a regular barber. It would be nice to see more ladies at the top, on stage and in the press. (But I don’t want that for myself so I could see how other ladies wouldn’t.)

That said, what I have learnt in this industry is the importance of communication and confidence. When I started out I was painfully shy and could barely ask a client if they wanted a tea! Now chatting away and getting to know my clients is why I rock up to work. But you never stop learning and growing. Technically and personally.

My advice for people thinking of joining the industry would be if you think it is a cool job; go for it! It is the best job! You can travel and be creative, have a laugh and make friends all day, as long as you dont mind a bit of hair in your tea. There are plently of opportunities out there, just be intentional on what you want and speak up!

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