6 Hair Quirks for Men (and how to fix them)

6 Hair Quirks for Men (and how to fix them)


What is it? Well the word comes from literal cows actually licking their young in circular motions, giving them a sort of spiral pattern in their fur. For humans, a cowlick can be seen as a bit of an annoyance, as it will interrupt the hair’s flow.

How do I combat it? The best way to combat a cowlick is by choosing the right hairstyle which will embrace the natural direction of the hair. This depends on where your cowlick is, so it’s best to visit a qualified barber who will be able to tell you with their trained eye what to look out for.

Thinning Hair

What is it? Up to 70% of men will experience male pattern baldness in their lifestime. Sorry! Simply put, a hormone in your body affects the size and efficiency of a hair follicle, causing it to close up and not allow the hair to come through. 

How do I combat it?

Similarly to cowlicks, the best thing to do is find a style that works for you. Let’s say you have a ‘bald patch’ – try to conceal it by sweeping your fringe backwards, so it covers up the affected spot.

Temporal Recession

What is it? Widow’s peak mean anything to you? The Dracula style temporal recession is one indicator of male pattern baldness, but it certainly doesn’t mean your life is over. 

How do I combat it? Well you could opt for treatment but these can be expensive, are never 100% effective and are also a lifetime commitment. Alternatively, you could style it out, by directing your hair forward into a fringe. This will conceal the balding spots, and give you a look that has a contemporary feel, perfect for 2017’s upcoming trends.

Unruly side-parting 

What is it? That bit of hair that always sticks out when you’re trying to make it STAY DOWN for a nice, smart side-parting.

How do I combat it? First, make sure you have found your natural parting, and check that the lengths between the sides and the top section are even. If that’s all good, then you will need to use heat to give the sticky-out bit more flexibility. Wet the hair, use a dryer on a high heat and brush in the correct direction to get rid of any kinks.

Overgrown crown

What is it? That annoying bit at the top of your head which always seems to grow a bit more quickly than the rest of your hair, making it tricky to sweep your hair back, but also making it look like a flock of seagulls when you push your head forward into a fringe. 

How do I combat it? If you are growing out the front section of your hair, for example, ask the barber to leave it longer there and gradually go down to a shorter length at the crown, so when straight, the silhouette will slope down from front to back.

Uneven Facial Hair

What is it? Bumfluff, hair high up on the cheeks, low neck hair or high chest hair?! These awkward bits of facial hair can turn a smart and neat look into something too scruffy and unruly.

How do I combat it? Be aware of the angles of your face, and use your bone structure to guide the lines where your facial hair should be. For example, if you have a few stray hairs above your cheek bones – get rid of them, so the face can look more angular. However, if you have a significant amount of hair above the cheekbones, don’t shave it all off, just shape the lines of the hair growth so they are at least running parallel to your cheekbones. This is the same with neck hair vs. jawline.

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