4 Essential Grooming Tips Men Need Right Now


With so much stuff flying around the internet today, whether it’s politics, pop-ups or parrots dancing, prioritising hair and grooming lessons probably isn’t on the top of your list. So, we tried to condense into one post four of the most crucial things you should know before you come into the barber shop. These grooming tips will help save you time, and keep you looking sharp despite what’s going on in the world…

4 Essential Grooming Tips Men Need Right Now // Ruffians NotebookCHOOSE THE RIGHT HAIRCUT

This may seem obvious, but not everyone is able to do this. You’ve got to bear a few things in mind before you decide on your ‘do: what shape is your face? What is your hair type? What kind of cut will I be able to upkeep properly?

For instance, if you’ve got a long face, you should avoid going too short on the sides, as this will further elongate your head and give the impression of weird proportions. Inversely, if you’ve got a square face, then going short on the sides behind the ears is an effective way to slim the face, and achieve a sharp, masculine look.

If you’ve got thick curly hair, you’ll have trouble getting a quiff standing up proudly – instead, you’d be better off going for a shorter, more textured look.

And, if you’ve got an active job and lifestyle, you won’t want to be faffing around with hairdryers, brushes and products all day. Instead, choose a cut which is lower maintenance and requires less time to tame.

Unfortunately, we can’t always have the haircut we want: make sure you take advantage of the in-depth Ruffians consultation and see what your stylist thinks is achievable, and feel free to bring in a photo of any hairstyles you might want – this is not insulting to the barber at all, and can actually really help them figure out what you’re after.

4 Essential Grooming Tips Men Need Right Now // Ruffians Notebook


Confidence is key when it comes to looking good – and so you should always feel comfortable in your final look. For most people, being authentic to one’s self is the best way to feel comfortable – for example, there’s not point having a stylish, fashion-forward, creative looking haircut if you feel it doesn’t represent you or your aesthetic.

So, make a mental note of what you like – whether it’s your facial hair, your hair colour, your head shape – and choose a style that emphasises it the most.

Also, if, like most of the male population, you fear you are going grey or going bald, don’t get stressed! Embrace other features and accentuate them, to feel more confident and subsequently, more attractive.

4 Essential Grooming Tips Men Need Right Now // Ruffians Notebook


A grooming routine is the optimum way to make sure you’re doing the best you possibly can for your hair and skin. It should be personal to you, your lifestyle and your budget – here are some suggestions to bear in mind:

  • Wash AND CONDITION your hair 2 or 3 times a week
  • Get your hair cut every 4-6 weeks (depending on your style)
  • Exfoliate and moisturise daily
  • If you shave, do it after a hot shower
  • Have a long beard? Wash it once a week
  • If you have a short beard, wash it with soap daily
  • Clip your nails once every 2 weeks
  • Floss your teeth daily

4 Essential Grooming Tips Men Need Right Now // Ruffians Notebook


The good news about the 21st century is that there is a huge amount of products available which will cater for everything you need, for most budgets. The bad news is that so many of them are poor quality, environment unfriendly and will leave your hair and face in an undesirable condition.

For starters, make sure the products you buy do not contain any parabens or sulfates, as these chemicals can cause irritation and itchy skin. Also, they are produced on a huge scale, so have a pretty negative environmental impact.

Try to find products which have all natural ingredients – however, don’t get fooled into thinking they will therefore be superior. Some businesses capitalise off the ‘natural ingredients’ trend and make products which are totally ineffective – make sure you try before you buy, just to ensure it’s working for you.

Speak to your stylist about what is best for you and your hair type. For instance, if your hair is on the longer side, you’ll want to go for a moisturising shampoo and conditioner: longer hair will dry up at the ends, but using a moisturising shampoo will form a protective seal over the shaft of the hair, helping it to retain its natural moisture and therefore its strength and elasticity.

This rule also goes for styling products: if you’ve got fine/thinning hair, don’t use a pomade as this will only weigh down the hair, making it appear even thinner. Instead, opt for a grittier product, like a clay – the particles will attach themselves to the hair shaft, which will not only give strength and hold to the fine hair, but will also give the appearance of thicker, more abundant hair.


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