D.I.Y Buzzcut – How To Get The Look At Home

A buzzcut is one of the simpler looks to achieve – you can even do it yourself if you’re brave – but to achieve something a bit more interesting, you’re better off going to the professionals. Keep the back and sides very tight and short (0.5 grade) and taper this up to the top section, using 0.5 increments (grade 1, then grade 1.5). Have the barber clipper the top section at a grade 2, so that there is a slight contrast between the top and the back and sides.

To do it yourself, here are a few tricks to bear in mind:

  1. Choose a good set a electric clippers, as you don’t want the blades to fall out half way through buzzing: http://wahlglobal.com/united-kingdom/wahl/professional-hairdressing/corded-clippers/super-taper.html
  2. Identify where your crown is, and shave towards it, from the periphery of the head.
  3. For best results, do this on dry hair – and take your time. You’re allowed to go over the same bit twice, and it’s better to do this than to leave clumps everywhere.
  4. Tackle the sides in the same way (going against the grain of the hair growth), but use a lower grade than on the top, for added contrast.
  5. Checking the back of the neck can be tricky – so you might have to employ the help of a friend to finish the job off for you.

Two products:

  • Your hair might look a little bit fluffy and dry if you don’t often go this short. To remedy this, rub a small amount of a matt clay into your hands and spread evenly over your head. As well as giving the hair a little bit of lustre, it will also help it retain its natural oils and therefore avoid the follicles drying out and flaking
  • If you’re in a sunny, warm place going down to a grade 1 or 2 will certainly expose your head to sun damage. Make sure you use a high SPF sun cream and moisturise daily with an alcohol free moisturiser.

Ruffians Rough Matt Clay: https://ruffians.co.uk/collections/all-products/products/rough-matt-clay

Ruffians Daily Facial Moisturiser:  https://ruffians.co.uk/collections/all-products/products/daily-facial-moisturiser

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