Cut Throat Razor Masterclass

Ruffians is offering a new service: getting to know how to use a cut throat razor. And, though it’s certainly not easy, it’s something that can definitely be mastered over time with a good bit of practice. The Ruffians Cut Throat Razor Masterclass is a 75-minute session with our master barbers, and offers the following:

– an example of the treatment
– basics in how to hold a straight edge razor
– how to insert a blade
– how to approach your face with the blade
– personalised skin consultation
– take-home guide
– complimentary refreshements throughout, of course
– Ruffians shavette at half price (£12.50)

This is the introductory session and costs £75 (£60 in Edinburgh). Subsequent practice appointments can be booked in to increase dexterity and to further your own education. We recommend 45 minute sessions, costing £50 (£40 in Edinburgh). Get in touch with us at

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