Bridges To Style

Bridges to Style

Born on December 4th 1949, Jeff Bridges is more than just an actor. Since he broke out on the scene, the Oscar-nominee has remained one of the most-recognisable faces in theatre, TV and film – not only for his distinctive voice, but his impeccable fashion and grooming sense too.

Paying homage to Jeff Bridges on his 68th birthday, the team have selected some of their most-favoured hairstyles throughout the actor’s career, chosen for their timeless nature – as relevant today as they were back then. Happy Birthday Mr. Bridges!

TRON (1982)

The scruffy scissor cut, following round graduation to allow for a soft and manageable look that can be scrunched for messy texture or combed for a more styled finish.

Recommended product; L’Oreal Super Dust for texture and Ruffians Matte Clay for hold.

The Fisher King (1991)

The slick back and pony, created by cutting a blunt line on the length sectioning the beneath the temporal area to the occipital bone and tying up the top length.

Recommended product, for the ultimate greased up look use Ruffians Organic Argan Oil and Ruffians Pomade.

The Big Lebowski (1998)

The unkempt layer, cut long square layers for an unruly cut and dry naturally with a diffuser where possible.

Recommended product, L’Oreal Beach Waves sea salt spray and Ruffians Matte Clay.

Iron Man (2008)

The close shave. Foam up the head to lubricate and soften the hair on the scalp for the cutthroat razor shave, we recommend once going over it all once again with oil to make sure every hair is removed then massaging in moisturiser and a refreshing cold towel that seals the deal.

Recommended product; Ruffians Moisturiser to replenish lost nutrients and soothe the skin.

True Grit (2010)

The lengthy side-part. Cut to a straight line and overdirected to the opposing side of the natural parting. After product is applied, dry naturally.

Recommended product, Ruffians Pomade.

The Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

The classic scissor cut follows round graduation on the back and sides to neaten the edges before chopping in to the top length to sit to the side.

Recommended product; Ruffians Styling Paste

Inspired by what you see or looking for something different? Check out the latest finished cuts by our team of talented stylists on Instagram@Ruffians.

Article written by Ruffians Shoreditch’s Tyler – check out Tyler here: TheTylerPeters

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