Best Styles for your Fade

Although the fade seemed to be slightly heading out the door in favour of longer more textured styles, it appears that it is not giving up just yet. We have seen a resurgence in the fade, a comeback thats stronger than Rocky Balboa. Although your fade may be the business on the sides, we thought we should provide some different options to keep it saucy on top. Marylebone’s Oran Lasocki takes us through his top tips:

The Side Part

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The side part is a timeless hairstyle, it can be created with any hair length, ensuring you maintain the parting. This hairstyle is normally known as a clean, professional and classic look. You will want to ensure you have some length on top, allowing you to brush it over to the side to create the parting. This is typically from the side point of your recession, working with the direction of your hair. It can work with any hair type, some may mean extra care and preparation to create the style, for example with curly hair you will have to make sure to properly blow dry and use the appropriate product.

When asking for this style you have various options such as, short back and sides, a medium scissor cut or a long tucked behind the ear style. Using the short back and sides as it is currently the most popular choice, you would ask for the particular guard length you want on the back and sides, maintaining length on the side where your parting is – this will help emphasise the clean look of the parting. Make sure to keep length on top to bring over so it doesn’t stick up, you want it to flow flawlessly from one side to the other.

Overall, this style can work for anyone, it may have to be worked around your hair type, shape face or how much time you have each morning to achieve this look. If you go to your barber or stylist, they should be able to advise you on what’s best for you.


The Slick Back

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Similar to the side part, this is another classic style, which is also versatile with the options of having it with medium or long hair. The slick back is a style that is traditionally completed with a high shine product such as pomade to help bring it closer to the scalp, ensuring it can be properly slicked back. This style is best for people with a stronger hairline and hair that is not thinning out, since you are going to be slicking your hair back it will only emphasize your hairline.

Typically for this style the products you use add extra shine to your hair, so you want to apply a pomade – which adds a lot of extra shine –  or paste – which only slightly heightens your natural hair shine –  into the hair when it is towel dry/damp, blow dry it with a Denman brush or barrel brush to make sure it’s either got plenty of volume or closer to the head, then when you’ve got the desired shape apply your pomade or paste to complete the look.


Buzz Cut

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This style can be used by anyone, of course it is one that people will go to if they are struggling with a weak hairline or thinning hair.

When requesting this style, you would want to ask for the top of your hair to be taken down to a grade #2.0 or a #3.0. Following on from this, you might want to ask for low grade #1.0 for the back and sides to taper out your hairline and create a gradual fade from the top to the bottom of the head. Due to the short length of this style there is very little to style, you’ll only ever have to towel dry or you can use the hairdryer to save time, however if you have thick unruly hair, you can add a strong holding product like a high holding pomade or clay into your hair that will maintain it throughout the day.

Texturised Quiff

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This haircut would suit almost anyone, however the only thing to consider is if you have very fine or thinning hair, this could render the cut difficult to style when it grows out. The back and sides of this haircut is down to your discretion, it can work with any length but make sure you keep it tidy and don’t allow it to grow out of control but ideally you would like to keep the back and sides down to a clipper grade of #1.0 to allow the texture on top to be more noticeable.

With the length on the top, you want to maintain enough to show off the texture and movement, this is what makes this haircut look so good. The longest length in the cut should be your fringe to ensure height on the quiff. Remember you want to disconnect the top from the back and sides, so make sure you say this to your barber. If you feel there is too much length or weight to the cut, you could ask them to reduce the bulk by chipping or slicing into it in order to break it up.

Like with most hairstyles while styling you want to start with the hair being towel dry damp hair. Apply a small amount of sea salt spray, preferably three sprays to get as much coverage or you can apply about a pea size of matt clay working it from root to tip. Following on from this, you want to blow dry your hair from back to front using your hands to create texture and movement, however when you reach the fringe you should try using a Denman Vent Brush to get some height into your quiff.

Once your hair is dry and into the desired shape, apply a little more matt clay again working it from back to front and root to tip. Now with your hands, style and shape your hair the way you want, making sure to show off as much movement as possible.

Scruffy Side Part

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This style is really only for people with a lot of hair and/or thick hair, anyone with fine hair will find this too difficult to maintain in the desired style. For this style, you are going to need a lot of length to make a real go of it. You want to ensure your barber or stylist knows that you are going to be growing your hair into this style, it will help if you provide your barber with a picture as reference to help them understand your long-term style goal. Once again you will want to start the styling process with towel dry damp hair, apply a generous amount of sea salt spray and work it down to the roots using your fingers and then blow dry your hair in the desired shape. Now apply a high holding matt clay, working it back to front and root to tip, this will provide you with the most product coverage and desired hold that you will need for this while working the style in with your hands.

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