The Best Men’s Hairstyles of 2017


The Best Men’s Hairstyles of 2017

As we hurl ourselves into 2018, we felt it only right to reflect on the best men’s hairstyles of 2017.  Varying textures, longer lengths, sharp fades were very much in this year. We have pulled together our top 5 styles from this year that you can take inspiration from and give a go in 2018.

Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders

Where else could we start other than the iconic Tommy Shelby haircut from Peaky Blinders. The hairstyle, now synonymous with Murphy’s character has become more and more common on our highstreets, much to Murphy’s disapproval. The Peaky Blinders star actually detests the hairstyle, telling shortly “it’s crazy that people like it, it has not grown on me in four years now. I normally keep my hair long.” Murphy jokes that the hairstyle was originally designed to prevent lice. The contemporary adaptation of it makes it adaptable for everyday wear and is a cut we love to do.

What is it?

Traditionally an undercut shaved with a cutthroat razor on the back and sides, keeping the weight on top. The modern version of this involves a skin fade on the sides, maintaining an undercut. The top is then cut to provide texture and shape.

Who does it suit?

Not many of us are lucky enough to have Cillian Murphy’s cheekbones, however if you do then this style will most certainly suit you. On top of wonderful cheekbones, this style also suits those with large forehead and receding hairlines. For those of you with a round face, sorry to say this one is not for you.

How to style?

Quick, easy and relaxed- Tomas Shelley is not a pomade guy- he leaves that to his brothers. texturising spray is a must or sea salt. Spray the texturising lotion or sea salt into hair, from the crown – comb your hair forwards and part where it sits best for you sweeping the fringe slightly to one side, leave to dry naturally and finish with Ruffians Matt Clay for some natural looking hold, now if you have your flat cap you are good to go!

90s Beckham Grungy Long Hair

The king of men’s hair took a slightly different turn this year, growing out his hair into a centre-parting not too dissimilar from Kurt Cobain. As always with Beckham, his influence knows no bounds and countless men across the world are growing their hair out – and we love it.

What is it?

This mid length hairstyle is classically styled with a centre parting and worn in curtains. This has bang on trend, as of course is to be expected from the godfather of metrosexuals. We have seen variations of this style with the younger generation creating a style know as ‘Millennial Curtains’. This is take on the Beckham curtains that has a lot more volume and tighter in at the sides.

Who does it suit?

Curtains work well on those blessed with oval face shapes or a square jaw. Curtains can also be a god send for masking a wide forehead. If you are receding, though, be careful as this haircut can easily look like a comb over.

How to style it?

Ensure that you keep it well cleaned apply salt spray before drying for a little volume and texture. Where possible, avoid too many finishing products as will cause the hair to quickly go greasy.

Harry Styles in Dunkirk

The inclusion of Harry Styles in the cast of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk raised a few eyebrows in 2017. Nolan has been quick to defend the casting, saying that he was not actually aware of just how famous Harry Styles was and that he ‘fit the part wonderfully and truly earned a seat at the table’ – and to be fair to Harry, his performance lived up to that.

However, it is not just Styles’ acting that caught the attention, his classic gentleman’s haircut has also taken the spotlight. Though based on 1940s style, this style was perfectly on trend for 2017 with hair getting longer with more texture.

What is it?

A classic 1940s style haircut achieved through scissor work all over. Often termed ‘The Sweep’, this hairstyle will be texturised through the top and the back and sides kept flat with scissors at around a finger length.

This style works best on long lengths through the top for more dramatic impact. The modern version would still be cut using scissors but with more contemporary point cutting techniques for a looser texture. We are seeing softer, looser looks in the shops as the obsession with fades does indeed fade.

Who does it suit?

This look works perfectly for those with an oval shape face, however is a versatile hairstyle that will suit most face shapes.

How to style it?

Blow-dry your hair using some salt spray to give the hair a little volume and style with pomade for the authentic high shine effect. Modern pomade isn’t as oily as products of old and are water based rather than oil so they wash out much easier but they also give a little more hold. Oil based styling products tend to slip and slide off the hair and clog the pores along your hairline which can cause outbreaks of spots which can be unsightly as well as uncomfortable. Rub a small amount of pomade into your hands and apply to the ends of the hair to give a bit of shine and hold.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Classic Look

A man who has transformed his hair many times, Gyllenhaal sporting a classic scissor cut in 2017. Pairing this with a mid-length can only have helped the rise in beards in 2017 and am sure will continue to do so in 2018. The actor is known for his extreme bodily transformations for the roles he plays, let’s keep an eye on his hair changes into 2018.

What is it?

All done with scissors, this style is left long on top and shorter on the back and sides, but not too short. Gyllenhaal wears this styled with a side-parting, but slightly more towards the centre.

Who does it suit?

This style is perfect for this with straight or wavy hair, however you must have a straight brow (not ideal if you have receding hair). This will work for most face shapes.

How to style?

Use some Ruffians Pomade and a Styling Past and run through your hands. Apply this to damp hair focusing on the roots and rake through with your hands. Create a parting slightly more centrally than your natural side parting. ands, creating a parting slightly more central than your natural side parting. Keep combing backwards until tour hair is sitting in place. If you want a slick we look, use a pomade on wet hair and allow to set.

Tom Hardy’s Taboo Hairstyle

James Delaney graced our screens for the first time in 2017, sporting a very very sharp haircut. Although styles are getting longer, Hardy opted for a very short fade to bring a sharp and rugged look to his character.

What is it?

This style is inspired by Tom hardy’s hair in his recent series ‘Taboo’, It is a high and tight razor fade worn with a razored short fringe.

Ask for a high and tight skin fade, with a short razored top. The length in the top of the head should be increasing from back to front to ensure a weighted choppy fringe whilst still retaining texture.

Who does it suit?

A versatile cut, great for those with a good head shape. Can easily be adapted and pushed forward for those with receding hairlines.

How to style: 

Use a small nail size amount of Ruffians Matt Clay, work the product in from front to back working it into the roots of the hair.



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