Best Hairstyles for Balding – Tyler Peters

Hairstyles for Balding – Tyler Peters

Here’s a common fact for you; men (and women) lose around 100 hairs a day so don’t panic, you’re not alone – it happens to us all however, for some of us, particular areas are affected by male pattern baldness aka, that pesky temporal recession or thinning of the hair around the crown at the back of the head. Unfortunately for those of you out there miffed by what’s occurring to your hairline, fret not – we’ve got you covered with options that don’t involve a pricey trip to another country and a return flight with a sore head covered in bandages and instead, allows you to get the best from what you’ve already got.

For those of you concerned about this path of inevitably, our suggestion would be to book an appointment and come with acceptance and willingness to trust your barber/stylist to get the best out of the situation. A skilled and professional barber will conduct a thorough consultation to help you to understand how you can make the most of your existing hairstyle or ensure that you feel confident with how you might benefit from a striking restyle that absolutely owns that receding hairline.

Here’s our lowdown for the styles that’ll accentuate and work what you’ve already got:

The Crop

A style that saw a resurgence in popularity last year and is still going strong. This cut helps mask that incoming ‘M’ shape with a more rounded, blunt finish. Ask for it by name and your barber will know what to do. Fading the back and sides down low before blending the top weight line beneath the bulk in to the rest. The crux of this style is the fringe which can be cut in a line then layered to give texture. If your barber hasn’t already suggested it, request a styling lightweight product such as L’Oreal Techni Art Super Dust for a messy yet stylised finish.

The Short Cut

Dependent on the length of hair you’re currently working with, this one is best served for those whose recession line hasn’t creeped up too much. This style allows for a bit more versatility maintaining a little length on the sides with a bit more on top. This can be achieved with tight round graduation and scissor over comb to create a soft blend. Allowing for a little more length on top creates an almost inverted triangle look that positions the weight on top making hair look fuller. Wear it rough and ready with our Ruffians Matte Clay rather than slick and styled avoiding wet look products that reveal more of your scalp.

For those of you gents with a little less up front, trust us when we say ‘be less Jude Law and more Jason Statham’- less is more:

The Buzz Cut

A good once over all areas with a 1 or 2 grade clipper guard max with a nape taper will supply you with a subtle, low maintenance and comfortable style that drops down in length for a softer more natural finish at the back of the neck that lasts you longer between cuts.

The Close Shave

If you’re ready to go full Vin Diesel, then ensure you book in with a skilled barber confident with a cutthroat razor to take that hair to the scalp. Following your pre-shave consultation, your barber should either cut down the existing hair to a minimum before applying an exfoliating scrub and soothing hot towels to open the pores ensuring a closer shave. This will be followed up with foam on your head to lubricate and soften the hair on the scalp for the cutthroat razor shave, we recommend once going over it all once again with oil to make sure every hair is removed then massaging in moisturiser and a refreshing cold towel that seals the deal.

If you are still worried about balding and want to speak to some of our expert barbers, pop in for a consultation. We understand that different hairstyles suit different people so is always good to get an expert opinion.

Written by Tyler Peters – Barber at Ruffians Shoreditch

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