Barber Dan’s Big Day Out in Edinburgh

August is a huge month for Edinburgh, the city where the Ruffians story began. It sometimes feels like the whole world has descended on to the streets of the Scottish capital for the Edinburgh Fringe, which runs throughout August. And we love it, because the whole city comes to life and those millions of visitors get to see our beautiful home city in all of its most fabulous glory.

So to mark the occasion, we asked Ruffians Edinburgh barber Dan Smith to organise a special Ruffians photo shoot celebrating his favourite locations around town. Prepare yourselves for beautiful scenery, some great outfits (thanks to our friends at Frontiers Men!) on some great models. And of course, some great haircuts done by Dan himself. Oh, and some fun facts: Dan loves himself some Edinburgh trivia!

Model One – Anthony

Hair: A tapered box cut, inspired by fresh prince of bel air, back and sides and sharply tapered into the hairline for a strong sharp shape . The main shape was free hand cut with clippers and smoothed out also freehand with scissors for a powerful silhouette. Hairline lined up with cutthroat. 

Location: Edinburgh Castle
Fun fact: Edinburgh Castle is built upon the massive Castle Rock, part of an ancient extinct volcano! 

Model Two – Johnny

Hair: working with his natural texture and movement . Hair was all scissor cut using a point cutting technique to create soft edges that can be used for volume and flow. Styled using salt spray for volume and dry dust for hold

Location:  Grassmarket 
Fun fact: During the early 1900s, the Grassmarket saw an influx of Italians immigrants which brought a taste of Italy to Edinburgh. Grassmarket was even nicknamed ‘Little Italy’ and was famous for its delicacies like Gelato. 

Model Three – Callum 

Hair: with Callum’s hair, Dan club cut into a solid bowl shape. The club cutting technique was used to seal the ends which on this hair type can be prone to fluffiness. Leaving some conditioner in the hair and adding some volume cream into the mix the hair is slowly dried using a diffuser to encourage the volume without frizziness.

Location: Scott Monument, Princess Street Gardens
Fun Fact: The Scott Monument is the largest monument in the world dedicated to a writer. 

Model Four – Abdul

Hair: a disconnected high and tight skin fade, Dan wanted to show great contrast with Abdul’s hair. The top was box cut and then a sharp fade dropped into Skin fade, the hair was styled using the elusive Ruffians Pomade to smooth the curls and promote shine.

Location: Advocates Close
Fun Fact:  Advocates Close is a winding street connecting Princess Street Gardens to the Royal Mile, its opposite St Giles cathedral, the term ‘close’ is a Scottish word for ‘alleyway’.

Model Five – Toni

Hair: This classic Pompadour on Antoni, with a classic shape like this everything connects. Striating from the crown and working outwards so there are no sharp corners or disconnected areas. The hair is dropped down to a soft tapered hairline. Blowdried with salt spray fro volume at the roots and finished with a matt clay for hold and texture.

Location: Calton Hill
Fun Fact:  work on the Parthenon-inspired monument began in the early 1820s, designed to commemorate the men who gave their lives in the Napoleonic wars, but funds for this soon ran dry so its existed in permanent half-finished state ever since.

Model Six – Shidan

Hair: Once again a steady hand is required for this free hand cut. The hair is brushed out while dry so the hair goes as large as it can, then using clippers the ends are cut creating a round shape. Once the hair is cut Dan then washed the hair to oust moisture back into the hair. Leaving a touch of conditioner in the hair and drying naturally. Once dry just shake the hair out using hands to create free flowing volume

Location:  Regent Bridge  
Fun Fact: Regent Bridge is famous for being In Edinburgh-based film Trainspotting where Renton ran into a car whilst running from the police!

Photography: Laura Meek:
Styling: Frontiers Man, Edinburgh:
Hair: Dan Smith (Ruffians Edinburgh)

Whatever style you’re looking for, you’ll be in safe hands with Dan and the team at Ruffians Edinburgh! Book an appointment online, in person or over the phone on 0131 225 8962.

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