6 Essential Christmas Grooming Tips


6 Essential Christmas Grooming Tips

There are a few inexcusable things this time of year, kissing your boss at the office party, eating cold mince pies and not looking your best at Christmas. We spoke to our team to pull together our top 6 grooming tips for this Christmas season:



It’s essential that you prepare the skin properly before you shave. Think about it – if you’ve got a face which is studded with bits of dirt, dust and who knows what else, that will create a bumpier ride for the razor. To eliminate this, it’s best to wash your face with a microgranular exfoliator which will help to smooth down the face, creating a flatter surface which the razor can glide cleanly over. There is a misconception that exfoliation should only be done in the summer months, this is not the case. We would recommend using a slightly lighter exfoliator that in the winter months, but this should be a year round activity.



It’s time to up the temperature…of the water! When washing away your exfoliator, use warm water or better yet, a towel that has been soaked in very hot water. This will help to keep the pores open and allows the hairs to become softer and less brittle. This will mean fewer rough passes with the razor and a far smoother finish.



The better the razor, the closer the shave. Make sure you choose a razor that is good quality, versatile and made with the customer in mind. A Ruffians favourite is The Dorco Classic is a world first, positioning 7 blades compactly next to each other – ideal if you’ve got a thick growth. However, if you’ve got sensitive skin, you’ll need to protect against the blade’s efficiency: the Dorco Classic thought of this, and positioned a strip of lubricating balm just next to the blade. In the unfortunate event of nicking your skin, the natural extracts on the lubricating strip will soothe the cut and quickly disinfect it, so you can finish your shave without worrying about balls of tissue paper. 



Shaving against the grain is the number one cause of irritation when shaving, as it will rip hairs unnecessarily from their pores and cause tiny blood blisters. Take the time to understand the direction of your hair growth as this will help to avoid any nasty ingrown hairs and irritation. 



Be kind to your face – after all, you’ve just scraped off a few layers of skin and it probably needs some further TLC. Once you’ve finished shaving, splash your face with cold water (this will help to close up the pores) and apply an alcohol-free moisturiser. This will form a barrier between your fresh skin and the bacteria floating around in the air which can no longer enter your pores. The colder conditions will quickly dry and irritate your skin so be prepared to moisturise throughout the day.



Make sure you spray your aftershave somewhere which isn’t your face, as anything alcohol based will dry your already sensitive skin out significantly. Consider spraying it other locations such as the back of your neck or wrists.


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